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Buyer Possibly Made a Payment Mistake?


I got an order a few days ago that has actually been quite difficult - mostly because I gave him a plan, and he said he liked the plan, so I executed it, but he came back with lots of changes, which I happily revised. In each revision his first answer would be to the effect that he liked it, but then would come back with more changes. Throughout the process I was extremely patient (just being my normal self), and told him that I “could absolutely change that for him”.

Finally last night I completed the order and delivered a final revision. I logged off and then got a notification on my phone that he had left me a very LARGE tip (the tip was the same price as the gig - and the price of the gig wasn’t exactly a small amount)

I promptly messaged him and asked if he had made a mistake. I was thinking he didn’t understand how fiverr worked and that he was thinking the tip was the payment for the gig. I explained that he had already paid for the gig when he accepted my offers and that a tip was something extra, payable at his discretion for a service well done, and only if he felt that my work deserved a tip.

His reply was a bit of a welcome shock: “I purposely gave you the tip for being so patient and so helpful and so professional. You really are not like most Fiverr vendors. You are a class act. Thank you again.”

Well, I’m beaming! And I feel like sometimes a little extra patience, and a bit of free extra revision (even if it wasn’t initially agreed) goes a long way in satisfying your customers. I will certainly be offering an extra free revision in future!


Sellers asking for $ Tips $

I too encounter buyers like that - and I got a $big tip for something similar.

However - when you have to bite your lip, and hold in the swear words - and most importantly, spend twice as long on a gig - surely a tip is the least you’d expect.

Sometimes you get them, sometimes you don’t - but doubling, and in some cases more, the amount of time you would expect on a gig - deserves a tip.


While working on the order, I was hoping for a 5 star review - I wasn’t really expecting anything else, but then he left a tip that was way past my wildest expectations. It really made it all worth it.


Moral of the story “Be patient things will change for better” Love to read your post and learned from your experience, Newbie on Fiverr :slight_smile: Thanks




I’m pleased for you that your patience, hard work and professional attitude paid off. And what a considerate buyer. He’s a keeper.


@capitalquality - I’ve just taken a look at your profile. Just wanting to make sure you realize that your profile is set to “vacation mode” and that orders are suspended.


Thanks. Yes, I’m busy this week on some ‘real life’ projects and I have a regular buyer who orders multiple gigs at once without checking with me first. Unfortunately vacation mode is the only way to stop that happening until I have time to work on his larger orders, even if it means I miss out on other orders.


I’ve had similar happy experiences with some clients. Although I have more than 100 reviews I still over deliver and respond to every modification with respect and patients.

I recommend acting this way whether your a “newbie” or “established” seller!

Keep up the great work!

:bulb: Joe


I love love love this post.
Thank you for writing it!
So fun and rare to hear these kinds of experiences from fellow sellers. :slight_smile: