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Buyer posted a negative review after three months , work was good

Its my first negative review , buyer posted the review after three months of delivering . He never asked for modification or refund which I can’t do now . The work was good . You can check it here :

Image file of psd provided by buyer :https://fragglesrock

Conversion I did : https://fragglesrock

Deal for 2 gigs ($10 ) and the design is responsive , will look good on tabs /mobile , resize your browser to see that .

Customer support says they don’t do quality check , I dont wanna pay for ignorance of buyer .

Any suggestion would be appreciated .

Thank you .

Get in touch with the buyer and ask if he would like you to do the revisions for him. He may after all remove the negative feedback. Give it a shot.

Reply to @candypie: Tried that , he said he got the work done somewhere else , he never asked me for modification .

Honestly this is pretty much irritating. I have buyers to returning like months later and leaving reviews… positive ones… but really… I don’t feel like sellers are protected in anyways!

That does seem harsh too me. One should think that the buyer would have needed what he bought and therefore he should have been able to tell you sooner that the gig was not done to his satisfaction. There are some weird people around here, but luckily most buyers are nice in my experience.

I hope this does not put you off Fiverr!

Ironically, I have a buyer now leaving a negative review after almost one year!!!

To be honest, this is one of powers to buyer.

It would be nice, when founds are cleared that he/she cant make review anymore.

What is the point of giving someone review after 3 months or whole year? After that long you will prob. get bad review.

I’m not too sure if CS would help me remove the feedback

Kevin from CS removed the review!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Well, i have the same problem now. Never had the review like that :frowning: He was nice to me i even gave him discount than he vanished, i always guarantee the full refund if my client doesnt like the stuff i deliver. now after one month i have god a bad review? :frowning: i cant delete it right? He just spoiled my good reputation and thats so sad :confused: i could refund it if he asked to

I saw your reply to his. In all honesty, your review isn’t as professional as you may think. You say the buyer is ignorant, and that may be, but other buyers may take that as a bad sign that you’re not that easy to work with. I would consider revising and waiting until you feel calmer to write a review to his 1-star Fiverr generated review. That’s just my personal opinion.