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Buyer Power Strikes Again (Sellers Need More Defense)


Had to just get this off my chest.

I have a buyer that’s asked for tons of small work from me over the last month. No big deal, here you go, five stars in four straight jobs. He then orders a $45 gig from me (which is a pretty average rate for me per gig), and I do what I normally do–make it rock. He’s from Israel, so there’s a bit of a language barrier, but nothing crazy. I take his work, over deliver like I always try to do, and then out of the blue he leaves me two stars and claims I’m not a native English speaker.

I’ve taken 373 jobs in 48 days and people have requested a ton of crazy things of me…but no one has ever had a problem with my English. Not in my communication and not in my writing.

I proceed to leave him feedback that says seller beware, so he decides to go back and edit his review and make it even worse. At this point I’m just like, screw it, and refund him his $45 so I can avoid a negative. It’s less about the money at this point than the principal of the thing.

I’m tired of sellers having no defense for random, crazy idiocy. I’ve probably lost $150 because of that very thing. That “OMG I CAN TAKE YOUR WORK AND LOL YOU CAN’T DO NUFFIN” crap. I could have just kept the money and the negative feedback, but I take pride in my work and that bothers the hell out of me.

If anyone feels like tipping me that $45 I’m all for it. (Just kidding…yeah…I think)

Anyway, that’s my rant. Thanks for listening.


A standard Fiverr tale, but really no different to working in any other environment that doesn’t involve copious amounts of legally-binding contracts.

I’m sure most of the experienced freelancers of the world have stories about completing days or weeks of work and then the client not paying up, or trash-talking the work/freelancer. In most instances it’s not worth paying an attorney or a collection agency - not to mention the time it takes - over a couple of thousands. That’s why the IRS has a “bad debt” policy. :slight_smile:

Crazies are all over - hopefully you won’t deal with many more of them.


I have been there. It is painful and it will happen again.

I would do a refund before I make someone pay for something they don’t like. For me it has been about 15 in 1100. Require all new orders to be small. The customer usually understands. That way you can get a feel for each other.

I never will forget, the first week I started my podcast gig, a new customer needed fifty of them. This had potential to hose my gig.

I let him order 1, then he ordered 5, then he ordered 10, and so on. All within 3 days.

Just build the expected loss into your offer. If your loss is 10%, you just charge 10% more. I don’t think your loss will be that high.

If a customer is a good fit for my gig, they will not want to waste time trying to develop a relationship with a new provider. It is possible for you to deliver awesome work and the customer not like it. It is a creative thing and that is OK. I hope I can show them very clear examples of my work before I start so they can figure that out before they order.


Are you sure the negative review is gone? I thought the only way to avoid a review was to cancel BEFORE they wrote and submitted the review. I have read here on the forum that several members where surprised that when they cancelled the gig, the review was still standing.


I’m surprised an Israeli has problems with English, when I visited Israel I saw American shows with Hebrew and Arabic subtitles, that’s right, they don’t dub them like they do in other countries. In Mexico you can watch The Simpsons in Spanish. Israelis like Swedish people start learning English since they’re very young.

He was probably a jerk, you’ll get those from time to time, I had to refund a $45 order to, but then I got lucky, he bought a $15 gig as a tip, as a kill fee, and then wrote a nice review. Of course, that’s because at first I rejected his refund request, I fought for him. I was almost desiring a bad review just so I can keep the money, but I’m glad he convince me to give him the refund.

Have you ever thought about delivering 50% of the work so you can see if your buyer likes it? I can’t guarantee this method will solve all your problems, but it might save you some time.

Or you could deliver a pdf with a watermark that can’t be copied and pasted, and then only deliver a word file once your buyer decides he likes what he got.


If a seller told me I had to give a good review to get non-watermarked, that would get them reported. Very much against rules.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: I’ve had sellers that give me a watermarked copy of the work and tell me I can only have the file without the watermark when I write a good review. That annoys me because they’re holding the work hostage for a good review but as long as the non-watermarked copy is delivered before the original deadline, I’ll deal with it. The thing that makes me most angry though is when people mark the order as ‘delivered’ minutes before the deadline when they send the watermarked copy, I review it, and it might be another day or two before I actually get the work. If you plan to use watermarked work, I would have a plan to finish it very early so you can still deliver the ‘real’ work before the original deadline.


While reading this, I could totaly found myself.

There are a lot of scamers on this site, fiverr should do something about it. Sellers dont have rights at all (as buyers). They are stuck with terms and conditions, and thats a big problem. I dont really understand why should someone give buyer unlimited review ?

They use that in order to f*ck us, sellers. Also I would make something like…if you are 2 star sellers you can give 3 reviews, if you are 1 star seller 5 reviews…etc.

I had same problem next week, and i cancel order one day before clearance.

Support center didnt respond my message (STILL)…only thing that they said, read terms and conditions.

Well f your terms and f your conditions, we sellers dont have rights as buyers do.


Reply to @steveeyes: If he get refound, order like doesn’t exist, so review is also deleted.

agent_47r said: Support center didnt respond my message (STILL)...only thing that they said, read terms and conditions.

Well f your terms and f your conditions, we sellers dont have rights as buyers do.
If you don't agree to the Terms, don't use the site. It's simple.


Reply to @orcatek: Absolutely.


Reply to @itsyourthing: I agree with terms, just saying they are not great. There are a lot of “holes” that can effect on seller, in many ways.


Reply to @agent_47r: No, they aren’t perfect, but to be honest, I have rarely seen terms on any work-related website that I thought were perfectly fair.


Reply to @mystkyn: Well, I don’t follow my own advice because my situation is different. Everything I do is short copy, 5 headlines, e-mails, TV commercials. I do deliver with the deliver button because I never want to be late, and I do expect my buyers to review it and accept it or demand a revision ASAP. Buyers know that Fiverr marks orders as complete in 3-days. I also don’t wait until the last minute to start working, when something is due in 1-day, I start working. So although I advertise 3-day delivery, I’m really delivering in 2-days.


On the flipside I am afraid of retaliation from a “Top Seller” for leaving a bad review because I was stupid and used facebook login (which doesnt let you edit your name afterwards) when creating my account.

The “Top Seller” promises one thing then does absolutely nothing close to it, has supposedly over 3,000 orders and high ratings, yet when I sent him inquiries he didn’t respond until AFTER I left a review.

I should have listened to the other reviews stating he did not deliver but I figured it was just a disgruntled user and I took a chance given that he’s a Top Seller.

When even a top seller is a scammer is there any point in using Fiverr? I thought they had stricter standards for top sellers to prevent scammers from becoming them.

Ugh, probably the last Fiverr order I ever get because now I’m afraid he’ll retaliate against me.


Reply to @blakegrandon: Well that’s the biggest mistake. All people think if someone is TOP SELLER he need to be the best, that’s why people dont order from lv 1 sellers or lv 2 sellers that much. You can find better work from that people then from top sellers in general.


Reply to @blakegrandon: Why didn’t you just demand a cancellation? I’m sorry this top seller screwed you, you should report him to customer service. TRS’s are held to high standards here. If you get money, you have to do the job. If you pay me for 5 headlines, I will deliver 5 headlines. I have never made money from delivering nothing, unless it’s the tip gig.

Are you sure he’s a scammer? I don’t think you get 3,000 orders by scamming people. What was his gig about? Even questionable gigs like “I will teach you how to make money” at least deliver a pdf full of advice, whether that advice applies to you or not, that’s a different matter.


Reply to @fastcopywriter:

I originally gave him the benefit of the doubt and asked for validation that he delivered the work. By the time I reviewed him(today) and contacted Fiverr I believe it is too late to demand a cancellation.

I’m 99% sure he’s a scammer given the lack of response and the fact that he didn’t deliver even close to what his gig promises. His gig promises to promote you to 100k facebook fans and his “proof” of work shows no such page. I originally figured other buyers were just disgruntled or didn’t receive as much traffic as they thought they would but after re-reading all the other reviews somehow this guy keeps skating by.

I’m kind of curious how many of those 3,000 orders are actually legitimate and not just manufactured to make him look more popular.

Whatever the standards are I’m highly questioning them because this guy’s attitude is totally unbelievable demanding that I remove my review immediately and that he fulfilled the gig.


Reply to @agent_47r: People do order from level 1’s and 2’s, some level 2’s even make more money than some TRS’s, you’d be surprised.