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Buyer press revision in multiple time and want huge extra work

A buyer sending files multiple times and demands so much extra work. After doing the extra work, If I give a negative review (obviously honest review) and after that, he/she will able to take any step against me from anger?

There are Buyers who may do that.

I would stop doing the revisions as you are no longer making money off of this Buyer. Don’t worry about the review you get. You aren’t going to get perfect reviews all the time, anyway.

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If I block him after completing the current order, he will able to order me again in the future? I don’t want to work with a client like this. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ve never had to block anyone.

Maybe someone else in the forum can offer first-hand experience on what happens.

I’m guessing that once blocked, the Buyer won’t be able to communicate with you.

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Thanks a bunch for your info!