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Buyer problem Again!


Well not for me but i have my first problem buyer he dident like the work i did for him, but when i deliverd the work i told him i would change it if there was any thing he wanted changed, so he wanted everything changed and suggested a cancellation i told him we could do that but i was willing to redo it so it was up to him, he choosed to let me redo it, he bought 4 gigs and i have spent almost 2 dayes on it i finaly deliverd the revision right now, but what do you guys think, what if he dosent like it and ask to cancel it what should i do?



What does your gig description say?

Unlimited revisions?

One revision?

No revisions?

You do declare your revision statement, right?

Why did he want “everything” changed? Did you do what he asked, or is just his personal opinion.

If you delivered what he ordered and are confident that’s your best, then by all means give him a revision. After that, I’d go for a mutual cancelation and move on.

Good luck! :wink:


I Havent stated anything about revisions on the gig page, but maby i should do that, i did everythink he asked me to do and i even gave a discount, i did tell him in case of a mutal cancellation my work was forbidden to use as he did not have the licens for an unbought service/product, (in a nice way) i have no proble giving a revision but if i deliver a service and to the buyes request shouldent i be compensated for that, well i just have to see what he thinks about the revision.



You’re policy about revisions should be clearly stated in you gig description. And without your revision policy stated, Fiverr cannot back you up in such matters.

I don’t understand why “you gave him a discount” but it’s none of my business, but if you did give him a discount, you can’t hold that against the buyer, as it was your decision.

Good luck with the sale.