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Buyer profile gone?

I am trying to deliver my order to user name “simonaholm” why i try to deliver it says the page does not exist, while the order is still appearing in my to do list.

If the buyer has gone or removed by Fiverr, why does it is still in my To do list and what should i do with work i have done for him :frowning:

Hi! Have you tried scrolling down the order page and clicking the “view discussions with” link to send a message? Does their profile exist? If not, I’d probably go to the Resolution tab at the top of the page and cancel.

lolz just realisez, resolution tab for this buyer is not working :confused:

What does Customer Service say?

its now 2 day late deliver… the order still exist in my to do list… where is customer support?

Reply to @kissreviews: i did the way you said, dont know what to do with his order now… his work is already done :smiley:

Reply to @voicetex: i have never contact with them yet… let me do that