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I am Nancy. I am professional digital marketer.
I am new on Fiverr.
I sent buyer request about 100+ but get only 4 orders.

Can anyone please help me to providing me Tips about proposal writting.??
I will be very happy.

Thanks in advanced.


Welcome. If you type “how to write a buyer request” in the search bar above you will find numerous posts on the subject which may be helpful to you.


One tip I learnt is to customize the response for each buyer request. Generic messages do not always get the response.

Another learning that helped me get my first order, is to do a sample of their work in like 5 minutes.
I just got my first proofreading gig yesterday. The client had attached a word document. I did a quick review, identified a few issues and listed them in my response, to show the buyer that I can do a good job.
That helped me land that gig, to review a document of 20000 words!

Keep at it, and you will land the orders pretty soon!


Thank you so much.
To sharing your outstanding experience.
Really happy.


Thank you so much.
Very happy.


Nice and Great I am also new seller on Fiverr