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Buyer protection Vs Seller protection in fiverr

I have heard that thousand of sellers in this flat form are complaining about fiverr not take care about their protection. There is great buyer protection system in fiverr. But when seller complaining about buyer’s fault to CS( Something like buyer threaten seller to refund after deliver the order), they said they cannot to do anything regarding that problem.( not always)


If your case is strong enough CS will be on your side and that in all honesty is the best protection possible. I’m speaking from experience here.

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No, Always CS never take a right decision .

Sometimes ago , They refunded my dollar to buyer .

I gave to Cs all Proof of my work .

but They did not heard anything . So , Buyer is always right, not us .

My all work also gone free of cost, and buyer gave me bad review, after I completed the work

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I’ll have to disagree but to each his own I guess.

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Right now I am facing problem with my buyer too. I did 80% of the job already. Then, he requested cancellation.

Simple job, but required a lot of my time for very small pay. basically I need to upload images/videos to his website daily for 30 days. But yesterday, he just requested me cancellation without no further explanation. While I got just 6 more days to complete. When I asked him why, he told me that fiverr blocked his account, and due to his web designer messed up with his website. So, the website is down and not working. I understand if he doesn’t want to pay the full amount, but he didn’t even bother to ask for paying for at least the work that I have done. Clearly in my order, it stated I need to upload the images/videos daily. So, I did.

The support respond:
_"… However, we cannot force your buyer to accept the order if they have _
_issues with it, so you will need to persuade the buyer to accept your _
work, or negotiate for an agreement with your buyer. …"

2nd respond
“You do not have to cancel this order if you do not want to do that. You
can still deliver the work and hopefully the buyer will accept it.
Unfortunately, we cannot force a buyer to accept an order that they are not satisfied
with. Please continue communicating with the buyer to try and reach an
amicable agreement regarding your order…”

Obviously, I can’t complete the work as the website is “down” .

So, What do you think? any advice


Yeah, just keep talking it over with the buyer. Just deliver the work that has been completed while saying that the rest will be completed when you get the site up. It’s simple. Just keep repeating the process.


Sometimes a ‘middle ground’ is the only way with this. If the order was for $20 then agree to meet them half way, for example.

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Sellers never leave this flat form, but buyers can. Buyer can found another flat form and complete their project. I think that is the reason. :smiley:

Mostly buyer doing this, Fiverr give them way to how they can get work free of cost


Yes, this is crazy in my opinon.

Buy buy a Design package with 10 Designs. Says he don’t like 1 Designs. But THESE designs ARE in this package. At the end he cancel the order but STILL have all the designs.

I think Fiverr MUST do something against this. But yea right, i can do 0 revisions options, but will have no orders then… -.- nice ----…----