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Buyer provided completely wrong information about the wrong company!

So I get this order from a regular client about a scriptwriting job. I thank the buyer for the order and get started writing, using the information, URL and video provided as a source for info and inspiration.

A few hours later I deliver a script, and then the buyer tells me it’s the wrong link and video! The information I’ve been given is actually for the COMPETITOR of the business that wants the script.

So I make some funny faces at my PC, and think “shit happens”, I better get writing on the script for the actual client then!

And now the fun begins. The client has no video, no information to go on, no fact site or anything like that I can base my writing on. And when I ask for more information, I get a broken video file (not working at all), and a vague description. By vague, I mean 5 words in a single sentence. Not what the purpose is, no facts to go on… Just a single sentence.

Now I’m banging my head against the keyboard. And this is a regular buyer who works for other clients, and we have always had a nice cooperation.

Just felt I HAD to rant a bit, so I could get this shit out of my head and get back to writing a whole script based on one sentence. I guess I just have to make up the facts! :laughing:

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If it’s a regular, I would politely explain the situation and I’m sure he’ll understand.

In most cases, the buyer just isn’t educated and unsure of which content is required to complete a specific task. Educate them and let them know that if they provide you with “X, Y & Z” you will be able to produce something even better!

Best of luck!

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And so I did. Let’s hope the situation solves itself. It’s not that I’m angry, but sometimes these situations becomes so absurd… Oh well, I’m always happy to work out any issues. The buyer is not the problem, the buyers client is.

Thanks @thecreativeguys

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