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Buyer provided email id

I have recieved a message from my old buyer who once purchased a gig, and now she wants one of those file resized and sent back to her email id, which she provided.

Now i know it is against TOS to communicate or transfer other than Fiverr.
I have already told her that it is against TOS and i will get it done here on fiverr itself.

Just curious, will that affect my profile, or can that in future, or should i just inform CS about that?
Or is it just fine here to inform my buyer about TOS, that will do a thing?

I just don’t want to get in trouble because she mentioned her email id.


I suggest you to resize and send the files via Fiverr.

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Dont contact support just do what you are supposed to do, once you are in their spotlight you won’t like the results.

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Ohh, so you mean they might take actions against me, even if buyer mentioned that?

I doubt they would take action against you but when I reported a previous buyer for sending their email address to me nothing happened as far as I could tell, so you can just ignore that and send whatever you need to them through their fiverr account.


Okay, I will send her on fiverr itself once she confirms me the size.
Thank you for responding :slight_smile:

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