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"Buyer" pulls out racist card because I'm technically not able to work on his project

Just a little rant because in the last few weeks some “buyers” - more like “users”, since I didn’t work with them - are getting out of hand with their behaviour. I was told to “stfu”, “that I suck”, “to fk off” and more and today I was even called a racist because I was technically not able to create what the user was looking for.

FYI: This is about a 3d animated music video.

This user already contacted me last year but didn’t come back until now. I asked for his script and further details. He explained that he wants to create the story of Adam and Eve. Important: At this point he didn’t say anything further about the look of any of the characters. I read his short concept, which wasn’t even a proper script and more like two sentences but I noticed that this takes a far more advanced animation service than I can offer. He wanted to show the whole process with stem cells, how the rib was taken out being transformed into Eve and more. So, to not waste his and my time I kindly told him that this is far above what I can technically offer. I even sent him my portfolio, so he can take a look at what I usually create and maybe to go with an alternative setting (but since the whole song describes the story of Adam and Eve I already thought an alternative concept wouldn’t work). Normally, if I tell people that, they are grateful that I’m not lying to get the job and to deliver something they can not use. They thank me and I even try to give them a tip in what section they might find a suitable seller.

This one instead… let me say - he went into a bike store asking for a car. When the employee told him that this is not something they can offer, but there’s a car store on the other end on the street - he didn’t thank him, left with some precious time to work with the actual car store - he starts to insult and blame the employee in the bike shop.

So, he goes wild and says: “Is it because you don’t want to see Adam and Eve as black?!” - “Because honestly speaking they were.” - “So you’ll turn down over $20K worth of work for this and future videos for that reason???” … he goes like an AK and sends messages like every 10 seconds.

I always wonder why they do that. I guess because they actually love what they see in the portfolio and they expect you to do anything they want if they throw a couple of dollars on you. They want it. And if they see that you actually reject them it makes them so angry.

In fact what he first stated AFTER I already told him his concept is too complex for me to create, is that Adam and Eve are PoC. And listen, I am not religious, I am also not educated in that part and I don’t care what race or gender your characters should have because if it’s your project then it’s my job to create it as long as you’re not discriminating someone. But it is also my job to make sure that I have the technical ressources to make everything work out, because - guess what - I am doing this a couple of years and I might have a feeling for concepts that work and concepts that won’t.

But what makes me even more sad is that he automatically assumed I must be some bad white christian that doesn’t want Adam and Eve to be portrayed as PoC. Followed by his statement “Because they were!”. This just shows me he even wanted that confrontation, so he could went crazy if I just said one wrong word to start a witch-hunt. And I am mad because as we can all see there are currently millions of people over the world out there in the streets fighting for equality and to stop racism, and this guy uses it to get his will over a disput because my abilities as an animator are not advanced enough to create his concept.

Just had to go on a little rant here. It wasn’t the first time, won’t be the last I guess.

Whatever you do, stand your ground, dear sellers!


Ok, wow is all I have to say. Good job sticking to your guns and keeping it professional and to the point. Such words without real provocation are just meant to rile you up, which you didn’t and that’s admirable.


I have promptly bookmarked your gig, will definitely be making use of your service in the future. So sorry this happened to you because this is literally just horrifying. I HATE when people pull the race card for the most asinine of reasons :woman_facepalming: