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Buyer pulls prank on me

 Just a little information about what I do,- I work for money in game and players pay me for the money. In this game there is about a 4 hour cooldown before you can donate if you've already donated the donation limit.

 I recived an order from someone very recently and becasue I have other orders im currently working on, It was going to be around a day before I could get to this order. I went ahead and let the buyer know when I would be able to start working on his order. The buyer responded letting my know his avaliblity as well. I was in-game and the buyer joined asking me if I could deliver to him at that moment. I had just donated to another buyer 1 hour before he joined so I would have to wait 3 more hours to donate again. I tried explaining this to him and he kept asking me to try anyways. I went ahead and tried to show that it wouldn't work. We came up with a plan to meet in a couple of hours so he could get his money.
 The buyer asked me if I had a discord and could message me on there. I gave him my username and we started talking. I saw on my order page that he was 1 hour ahead of me so if we planned to meet in-game at 3 (my time) I let hime know that it would be 4 for hime becasue he was 1 hour ahead of me. He didn't like that and asked me to try and donate to him again. I tried one more time to explain how the donation cooldown works and that it wouldn't work. I also said if that time doesn't work for you we can plan for another time that would be better. He told me to just donate to him at 8 but I had already planned to send money to another buyer at that time. I told him that I had already planned to send money to another buyer and he offered me $100. I declined the offer and told him that I had alread set up the time and wsan't going to change that plan.
 The buyer sent me a message saying he needed the money now and I responded with i'm sorry I can't do that. He told me that it had been a hard week for him becasue of a family matter. At this point I was very annoyed that I had to keep repeating myself. I told him that I was trying to be very nice to him, I said that there was nothing that I could do to speed up the cooldown timer. I apologized again for not being able to send him the money at that time. He messaged me back and said "can you freaking try again and see if it freaking works, i swear..."  I told him I have done all that i know I can do, I let him know that if he didn't work for him he could cancel the order becasue I didn't really want to finish the order for him. 
 I went back to my game and he joined and asked again to just try and donate. I sent him a request to cancel the order and I asked him to go and look at the request. He said no and said something about him and Fiverr (I assume he was wanting to say he was going to email them or somthing like that) and I responded by saying I will have to email the support team to see what I need to do about this. He then said he worked for a hacking company and he would tell them to hack my account the next day. I told him to have a good night.

 After my last message to him he said it was all a prank but I was to angry to respond. i don't know what to do about this and I really don't want to finish his order or send him any money in-game. If anyone has any advise for me on this situation or if I should complete the order or try and cancel it please let me know!


I would ignor his threat and tell CS about it.

Did you get the order cancelled?


No, I sent a request to cancel the order but he wouldn’t accept it. I’ll send CS an email letting them know about this.


That was probably an empty threat. Hoping customer support cancels it for you.


Even if it was an empty threat it is still reportable, and Trust and Safety will look into it, and the buyer could get a consequence.


I sent an email about this to customer support and i’m wating to hear back but the buyer is asking if I can send his in-game money now. What should I do or say to him?


That’s a weird scenario all the way around. Honestly, I do see why you would be angry about the buyer but I am also thinking your buyer might be very young. If you can earn your money on Fiverr and complete the order it would avoid all problems including the ding to your completion rate. You could just deliver the order. Otherwise, you can stick to your guns, wait for Support, keep sending cancellation requests and not respond to the buyer. Those are your options.


Thank you! :slight_smile: I’ll wait another day and see if support gets back to me, if not ill just go ahead and finish the order.


Just be careful with the time. If Support tells you to work it out with the buyer or doesn’t respond in time AND the buyer changes his mind, your delivery could run late. That is much worse than the other options since a late cancellation will get you an automatic 1-star review. If you have enough time to wait it out, fine, but if not take care about that.

One other thing, I read your gig and it mentions that it can take extra “minutes” to deliver because of the cooldown, but it doesn’t say hours. I would edit your gig description and your FAQs to reflect that some orders will be delayed by hours or even a day depending on cooldown and other orders. If buyers know up front and the order runs long you can use the resolution center to extend the delivery time and still be safe. It might prevent this kind of thing in the future.


Thank you for letting me know, I thought it did say hours! :slight_smile:

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