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Buyer purchased gig and asked alot to deliver


Hello all,

I am in a difficult situation. I got a basic gig purchased message from a buyer few days back. When i read the details it did not come in the basic package and i thought it to be a complex and bundled plugins kind of job (asking for more then 3 plugins in single order).

On communication with buyer, i tried to convinced him to change the order for time and cost. What he did is that rather updating the order we are into he ordered 2 more gigs of same package. This further complicated the situation as even after he purchased 3 gigs this do not fulfill time and cost requirements which i had for the project.

Now situation is i have fiverr evaluation period in next two days and if i ask buyer to cancel orders it will straight away give a hit to my profile and i’ll be downgrade to level 1 and even if i manage to get that cancellation done after evaluation it will still give a hit which will take me another 10 - 15 orders to lift up the percentage of profile so in next evaluation i don’t get downgraded.

Buyer is not convinced to either give more time or cost for the order. Also, what he’s asking doesn’t make sense they are foolish kind of requirements.

Please suggest what to do? I have no hopes on CS as i’ll be on suffering end for no reason anyways.


You currently have 11 orders in queue.

In your position I would cancel, because this:

and this:

tell me that the buyer is aware that the evalutation period is near and he tries to prevaricate.
A so called “demotion bomb”.


Huh. I didn’t know it was a thing.

But it explains the dude I got this week who purchased the gig from me this week with the vaguest requirements possible and when I asked to elaborate, he replied with “If it’s too complicated, I’d like a refund. Thank you for your time”. He just went for the refund immediately instead of making any kind of effort, I thought it was very odd.

I’d cancel, OP, if you can afford it. And try to report them to CS because sometimes they can solve this in your favour and the situation is very suspicious.


3 orders are from this guy. We are very comfortable with remaining 9 orders. Infact we are almost done with them. Funny thing is we were prompt with fiverr warning for delivering the order early then committed time :slight_smile: We were heading toward TRS, when got this warning. Which is still a shock for us.

Buyer is not aware of that period. But he is trying to act smart as he himself know that he want to take benefit of the situation and forcing us to work put everything aside for his 3 orders.


I never got a positive response from them. So, i’ll not be spending energies on them. Rather gladly take the hit and start over with the effort from Seller Level 1 to upwards :slight_smile:


So this “demotion bomb” is definitely a thing. It’s the second time in a row it happens. Big order with an additional design option extra that gets purchased twice. Usually this extra gets bought, like, once a year. It’s so rare I don’t even remember I have it. The requirements are very vague + I get another blank order from the same user. So I technically have 4 orders instead of 1. On 14th.

I contact them, ask them not to put bulk orders through before discussing them with me first and ask for clarifications regarding the brief. Like the last time, immediately I get something along the lines of “We can cancel if you’re not up to it”. “If it’s too difficult for you, then…” “If there’s a problem, I can take my money elsewhere”, etc., .etc.

Luckily, usually I can afford 2 cancelations in a row. But am I supposed to turn the out of office mode on 12th-15th monthly now to prevent nice surprises like this from happening? Geez.


I would say in such case. You can report that to fiverr support. As this is happening quite frequently now by the buyers. They somehow have realized by doing so they’ll be able to get some extra from the seller.

So, choice one is contact fiverr support and communicate it to them for cancellation of the order. If fiverr support cancel order. This does not hit your rating or anything. Only Seller, buyer or mutual cancellation has the impact.

I would suggest you if you can’t take it further and this is hurting for your business. Drop it and share the reason with support.

Good luck


I’m so sorry this happened to you. I was looking at your gorgeous artwork. I don’t know how anyone could be so careless about this. You ask for some images from buyers to get an idea of what they want. Why even purchase something from such a good artist if you can’t cooperate… it makes no sense.


What is your Order Completion Rate now? It’s true that refunds lower it, if you’re at 90%, it’s better to avoid them. If you’re at 95%, maybe you’ll lose 1%, or 2%, it depends on how many orders you’ve gotten, how many you have refunded.

My OCR is at 99% thanks to my no refunds policy. This policy is advertised on one of my gigs, and it has scared away most of the “refunders.”



I have managed to recover my profile from the hit by contact support and requesting a cancellation by Fiverr support presenting them with a true, legit reason of cancellation.

My order completion rate is 100%.


Are you telling us that by having support do the cancellation it does not affect your cancellation rating?

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Yes, only if they are convinced with the reason and ensure you are safeguarded because of an irrelevant order as per your services. Else, you’ll get the impact.


I don’t think it’s true 100% of the time. They can definitely make it not affect you (while they claim otherwise) but it’s on a case by case basis.

Also, when it’s me against a top buyer with 8 5* reviews I feel a bit pessimistic about discussing my conspiracy theories with CS. So I refunded and blocked them. I’m seriously considering taking brief mid-month vacations if the trend continues, though.


Sometimes I’m really itching to educate people on the consequences of cancellations. It’s a policy that is hard to make sense of on a surface level so a lot of buyers approach it with “so what’s the deal, just cancel it” attitude. But on the other hand, I don’t want to give them a piece of knowledge they can use against someone so easily.

So I just sigh, refund and block if I have any suspicions that that was intentional.

Also, thanks for the compliment in there. :slight_smile:

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So you have nothing to worry about. I on the other hand, have a 4.6 rating in analytics that isn’t going up no matter how many 5-star reviews I get. I suppose it will go up eventually, but it’s infuriating how long it takes.


The higher the amount of reviews you already have, the harder it will be to raise your rating. So, changes (raising/dropping) in rating are less drastic as the total amount of reviews increases.

Take a look to this thread, it might help you understand the reason for it.

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@aqtsoftpro just cancel the order, he/she just want to wasting your time and giving zero hope.


I saw it, but I suck at math. I’m just frustrated because I was a volume seller, before the 60-day level standards system.

Even if I manage to raise my rating to 4.7, just one 4 star or less will lower it immediately, or almost immediately.

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I remember there was an announcement they would ignore the lowest review star rating for each seller at evaluation time. Like if your worst review was a 2 they would ignore it.


What if you have more than 1-star? Suppose that out of every 10 orders, I get 1 star, and every month I’m getting 30 orders. What happens then?