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Buyer purchased gig,gave no details to work,later wants to cancel and a plot twist!

A buyer recently placed an order. He submitted very little details with which nothing significant could be done and I asked for more information. He said he will surely get back with details soon and the order remained in revision status. But later he came and was saying he is sick and need to cancel.

(So the order is basically one of those mistakenly placed orders with no requirements provided.) I said I can’t accept the cancellation request directly as this will affect my order completion rate without any of my faults. I asked him to kindly wait so that I can contact Fiverr support for this and he happily agreed.

Plot twist is Fiverr Support says due to the high demand, the current response times may extend up to 10 business days!!! Today is the 9th day and yet no response. I gave this update to my buyer and now he is angry and wants immediate cancellation.

Suggest me what should I do?


It might be okay to request to cancel it yourself (with the resolution centre) according to the link below, if it’s in the “Incomplete” status (see “Incomplete” section in the link):

Note: After a week has passed from the original date of the order creation, a seller can cancel the order without any harm to their cancellation ratio or ratings.

edit: Though looking at your post it isn’t in the incomplete status (it’s in “in revision”) so that won’t work. Maybe wait for CS a bit or if you cancel it yourself it will affect your stats.


So how is your order now in “under revision” status? Did you do a fake/empty delivery?

If so, asking customer support for help was a really bad idea.

Furthermore: telling your client you can’t refund them because of a Fiverr metric is crappy customer support on your end.

You shouldn’t ever burden your clients with your problems.

You are here to solve problems, not add to them.


I agree it’s probably best to just click to request cancellation if that’s what the buyer wants, and maybe especially if they’re starting to get angry about it not being cancelled (even though it will affect stats).

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I think this is a touch unfair on the OP.

We’ve had buyers buy from us before and then immediately request a cancellation. And we’ve refused that mutual cancellation, instead asking Customer Support to issue it. And that’s not because we provide crappy customer support. It’s because as all experienced sellers here know, accepting mutual cancellations damages the performance of your gig, and that damage can last days, if not weeks. There’s a huge warning right before you press the confirm button to tell you. I’m fine with that punishment when we’re at fault, but when it’s clearly out of our control, like in this example, why should we be punished? We’re lucky, being TRS, our issues get dealt with very quickly - but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t recommend this course of action to any other seller, because I would.

The OP didn’t say he wouldn’t cancel - he said he wanted Customer Support to issue the cancellation. Is that not entirely fair, given what we know about cancellations? Being 100% honest, if I bought your best-selling gig right now, and immediately demanded a cancellation, would you not do the same?


Though I think Fiverr CS have had a problem with sellers saying to the buyer “I can’t do that because it would affect my stats”. So saying that to the buyer might not be a good idea, but if it is possible to cancel through CS without it affecting stats (eg. when it’s the buyer’s fault) then that should be tried if possible. Though it’s just difficult now because it might take about 10 days for a response from CS.

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Yes, that’s fair - for clarity, when we’ve done it, we’ve simply said something like “we’re going to ask Customer Support to cancel this for you” and no more. Agreed that the 10 day wait can’t be helping either.


I think the way the OP handled it is not ideal.

He described refusing the refund and telling them about his problem with cancellations vs resolving this.

Not sure why you think that was unfair.

I deal with each buyer on a per case basis.

Last two cancellations I issued this month were both me accepting their requests to mutually cancel.

On other occasions I make sure to explain why I will wait for CS to handle it.

I wasn’t being critical about the OP refusing to cancel. It’s how they handled it that -by my standards- amounts to a crappy customer service.

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I have a similar issue going on right now, Frank and have told the buyer I’ve reached out to CS to cancell. But not sure if she’s going to be willing to wait a week or 10 days.

So how exactly do you explain to a buyer that you want them to wait for CS without risking a warning for manipulating the order page … ? Honestly, I’d like to know how …


Thanks, everyone for your responses. Few points I would like to clear; A:

It is under revision because I made a delivery with work done, using the small amount of information provided to me. I would have marked it as incomplete, didn’t do so because the requirements section wasn’t completely empty. So it wasn’t ‘fake/empty’ delivery. I read Fiverr TOS very well before I started working here and working for almost 3 years now. I at least know all basic TOS very well.

B: Oh! So please tell me, what should I respond when my buyer asked why I am not directly accepting the cancellation and taking this to Customer support? Should I just remain silent? I always try to provide a formal but friendly attitude to all of my buyers. We work with humans here! So I explained why I can’t accept the direct cancellation request at that moment, which I think is a bit less ‘crappy’ by my standards.

FYI, I didn’t refuse the cancellation. If you have read my post properly, you wouldn’t have missed that I mentioned “he happily agreed” If I was causing him more problems, I wouldn’t say that he happily accepted my suggestion regarding the issue. It was the 10-day waiting time that bothered him most.

Glad to see that you read my post… Thank you.

Yes, but when the buyer wants to know the reason. I think we can tell them the actual reason instead of keeping it too formal and encrypted.

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