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Buyer purchased wrong package

I just had a buyer purchase the wrong package. I offer photo retouching and he messaged me first asking how it works and what package he should get. Said he wanted me to “go all out” and make him look perfect. I told him to get standard or premium package as my basic package is for simple edits only. He said “Great”, but then went on to purchase the $5 package. I made him aware of this but he hasn’t responded yet and clock is ticking.

What do I do here? This is the 4th time this has happened to me!! Any help is greatly appreciated

I would send an extra within the order (covering the price difference) - explain that difference and also put a 1 day extra time duration on it to automatically account for the delay.

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Thanks for the answer! What if he doesn’t accept this? Am I stuck doing premium work for spare change in efforts not to get a cancellation?

Personally I would make a judgement call based on my cancellation %. If I have “room” for a cancellation, I would cancel the order. If you are going through a quiet period you may be tempted to do the work at the reduced price but risk then having a repeat buyer paying less than you would like.

I wouldn’t panic if they haven’t replied yet. Unlike sellers, buyers are typically onsite/online far less.

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