Buyer purchases gig expecting more work than specified


I recently had a buyer who purchased my basic gig package ($5), which clearly states “writing only” and now he is expecting proof of publishing after I delivered the writing. I only offer publishing for my standard and premium packages which go for much more than 5. In this scenario, I’m worried that he might get upset and leave a 1 star so should I clarify things with him or just cancel the order? I know that mutual cancellations will still affect me, so I’m hesitant to just cancel it. Any advice?


Work Smarter not Harder and especially not for :peanuts: peanuts.

Send the buyer a custom gig extra. Politely explain to him that if he requires additional work - outside the scope of what the gig offers. Then a gig extra is necessary!

Go over your gig packages if necessary to compare :apple: to :green_apple:.


Have a look on the order page. Above the order requirements it’s written:

The buyer agreed that the information provided is accurate and complete. The buyer is aware that any changes, requiring your approval, may be subject to additional costs.

Everything is clear. Your buyer can’t ignore that any changes on the requirements may be subject to additional costs. He has paid for a specific job. If he now wants something else he must pay for this new job. Send him a custom gig extra.


Okay, I’ll try to tell him politely that I can’t do any more work without additional costs. I’m just worried that he’ll give me a 1 star which is completely out of my control.


Same problem I’ve faced. Buyer demand me more after accepting order. He collect the material and cancel the oreder. :sob:
God will punish him. Amen


Even the very best TRS get a 1 star review every now and then. And those Sellers always reply that the Buyer wanted more than they had payed for. IMHO other Buyers reading that negative review will know that the reviewer was a schmuck and that this Seller will not allow himself to be pushed around.

So, be more afraid of not getting paid for your work than getting a one star review every now and then!


Yes I agree, but TRS can bury their one star quickly because they are always receiving new orders. In my case, I only have 13 reviews, and a one star would cause my ratings to plummet. One stars for new sellers are much more damaging because they can’t recover as easily.


As mentioned by someone else earlier, just send them an additional offer and politely tell them “You have purchased my Basic Gig which only includes writing. If you would like proof of publishing, an additional purchase must be made” etc.


Faced the same situation as well. although buyer accepted and reviewed the order, after few days he is expecting extra work on the project I have already done. I am worried if he reports to Fiverr or edit the review.