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Buyer purposely ordered just to cancel OR leave negative feedback


I feel like I’m in a lose-lose situation. Do I have to cancel even if he/she ordered it purposely?


Reply to @madmoo: but the thing is I conversed with him days prior to him ordering my gig. He pretty much mocked my gig, saw I have 100% rating, and knows the cancellation will downgrade my gig to potential buyers. I’m 100.3% sure he did this on purpose. I refuse to start dealing with scamming customers because I’ve been up for the past 2 hours reading similar situations with other sellers. If I’m penalized for this, I’m giving up on this site.

I don’t mean to sound frustrated towards you because I completely believe you understand the annoyance. Even customer support is being a pain. They take money from sellers, but won’t support the people making them money. -ends rant-


Reply to @ayoaprell: I would definitely contact Customer Support.

It’s most likely that this order will be cancelled but if you send Support a screenshot of the conversation and present your case that he is doing this on purpose, perhaps they’ll take a look into his activities and see if he is doing it to other people, too. If he is, they’ll suspend or block his account.


I had a buyer who contacted initially for a high value job. I asked for more details and she sent. I realized that the job was out of my scope( Some technologies) and instead required a team of developers to accomplish. I messaged her informing the same. Later that day she ordered 3 gigs with all extras valuing $75 each ($225 Total). I had estimated that the work required would cost anywhere between $600-$800 according to market trends. The job was just not worth it, why spends weeks doing something that requires a team and just get $180 for all the work. I Initiated Mutual Cancellation but she cancelled and started messaging back every 2 minutes. I did not reply and after around 20-25 messages again initiated mutual cancellation. After 2 days (Gigs still not cancelled) she messaged back with all “$%$%$*****” words and finally accepted mutual cancellation.

These were my first 3 cancellations. I have about 2 cancellations per month on average. All due to buyers negligence - Not contacting before buying - not able to describe what is required or The Epic “Accidentally Ordered/Ordered Wrong Gig”. 2 Cases of accidental orders. The buyer who accidentally ordered now offer the same services as I do. Is that a gig sabotage attempt? or They just wanted to see what I ask in gig Information.


Reply to @madmoo: I’ve resorted to a full buyer background check before taking orders. Of Course only for certain gigs as this might violate fiverr TOS as most of my buyers have good presence over the internet as most of them are developer/website owners/internet marketers. Due to this I’ve prevented potential scam/freebies.

Once I had a buyer who sounded like a true professional and had a decent website and good reviews. He hired me to fix his website and ordered 4 gigs. While fixing I noticed that someone else from fiverr had already worked on the codes ( Its a common practice to leave author/developer comments between codes- he left his profile link and username). I asked the buyer and he claimed that the developer was unable to resolve the issue so he hired me. I messaged the other developer and the next day he messaged me his entire horror story with this particular buyer with screenshots. The buyer had scammed and blackmailed( 5 negative reviews) him and got away with the free work worth almost 5 gigs. The buyer changed all his server passwords before he could undo his work. I continued work anyways as I as about to finish and delivered. He did not reply for 2 days. On the third day he messaged and showed me 13 other problems and blamed me for causing them. The problems were no where near what I had fixed. It was totally a different Module. I finally had to cancel all the gigs and CS was not of much help.

Posted it before:

When will fiverr wake up to such things.


sad sad sad…sorry guys


Reply to @rinchan86: similar case happened to me, reported to admin but they couldn’t remove it


honestly, this is one of the most frustrating thing about fiverr and other similar sites because the support is not really supportive and I feel buyers have more advantage. how about those who keep rejecting your work for redelivery for a million times?


Reply to @jasveena: This thread is really a terrible thing and fiverr really needs to do it’s sellers better. I’ve had one terrible buyer that I felt was trying to scam and I’ve only had one work rejected so far but when I saw it, I said this is going to be the worst tool and most abusive tool that fiverr has given buyers. I really hope I don’t end up dealing with all these horrible situations.


I know plenty of people in competing gigs doing the cancellation to reduce the rank of the seller and by increasing the cancellation ratio the seller gets demoted as it is from system and from new clients view. so that could be one reason.


This is a really annoying problem, especially the “I ordered by mistake” excuse. There is also another thing that happens really frequently to me: buyers ordering, activating their orders by writing “I will get back with the information for you shortly”. They obviously never contact me again and simply disappear, leaving me with an open, active order that I simply cannot complete!

I think this would be easily fixable with one small feature: some sort of “control” button for sellers, that they can use to approve and activate orders after the buyer sends the information. This will save a lot of time to Customer Support and will clear a lot of issues between buyers and sellers as well! Buyers can request order modifications and such, it seems fair to me that sellers could also request proper background info and transparency from their buyers :slight_smile:


I agree with you laserlife, as sellers we should be able to accept the order if we have received all the information required to start the work, and only then should the count down begin.

I now take great care with orders I receive, especially if they come from other sellers with poor rating especially cancellation rating, and even more careful if it’s an order with all the Extras added, and even, even more careful again if I find out that this buyer who is also a seller offers similar Gigs as I do L-)