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Buyer put a negative feedback because I said NO when he ask me to Call him

He send me his contact details and he ask me to call him. I send ticket to admin but seems like they aren’t check it yet

copy this communication to them in your ticket as you have here where he clearly stated he was happy with you work and tried to get you to break the TOS and show support what the buyer sent you in that doc. They will deal with it.

Customer support should be able to remove this feedback easily. :slight_smile:

Misread. Never mind!

I send a ticket 2 days ago but no reply yet. I guess they don’t work on weekends

Admin ask me to contact him and his profile already removed! So is admin ask me to call him? I am little confused here

Admin telling me to "please resume communication with the buyer and try to reach some agreement by which they would be willing to withdraw feedback in that order"

So admin delete his profile and i don’t know how i contact him! I send order number and screenshot but admin still ask me to contact buyer and beg. Problem is i don’t know how send him something after admin delete his profile :frowning:

Reply to @cheezees: Looks like not it have been 4 days and admin still ask me to beg him for feedback removal

Reply to @kjblynx: I already explain it. Hope admin got 10 sec to check it or screenshot i send! Thanks for your help