Buyer put an order without any requirements fulfilled so should i cancel it or not?


few days ago, a buyer put an order without filling the reqiurements and the order is in my queue but not started yet, so should i cancel this order or keep sending buyer the notifications ? is cancelling the order before it starts still effect the completion rate of the seller?


If you cancel it, that will affect your completion rate. I have a order just sitting and waiting for requirements since January. I have read here on the Forum where some sellers have over 100 of them. Letting it be is best.


nice question @abdullahchattha …I was searching the same doubt for last 1 day…


I was of the opinion that requirements are essential to the placing of the order in the first place or am I getting it wrong. Please can someone clarify?


Since January? How come the order lasted so long, seeing as the max. order duration is 30 days.


Because the buyer never gave me any requirements. I have my gigs set up so that the order does not start until they buyer submits the requirements. If they never submit the requirements the gig never starts. :wink:


Hmm. That’s weird, how buyers make such mistakes. Perhaps they are new to the platform and don’t know their way around.


Yes, that happens. :slightly_frowning_face:


I heard about that too and didn’t find any solution. I am a new seller and got to know that If you cancel an order then it will affect on your gig conversion rate that means you cannot refuse them who orders you mistakenly or to make your gig down!!!


When a buyer orders by mistake, they usually will ask for a cancellation. Once they cancel your stat for “completes orders on time” goes down. :arrow_down_small: :roll_eyes:


i donot think fiverr has some policy for the sellers, buyer do the mistake we pay, we ourself do the mistake again we pay, if everything goes right and buyer from nowhere gave you not good reviews, again we pay, somebody please explain or share some way which donot effect the seller statistics, i haven’t found a single.


You can always try sending them a message to remind them to submit the details required for you to do the job. I nag people that do that daily until they place the order, eventually they do :slight_smile:


There is nothing to protect us


Currently, ANY cancelled order for ANY reason affect your cancellation rating.

It is best to send several follow up messages and then wait it out!


If the buyer goes offline or is not on fiverr, you can just click the button the says “I have all the information I need”
You can then deliver the order and get apid in 3 days. You should probably wait a few months before doing that tho


Yeah, but that runs the risk that the buyer will come back and give you a bad review.




Do you just kindly remind them to submit requirements, or do you also ask them to cancel if they are no longer interested. But I guess you don’t encourage them to cancel, because as I’ve read it goes against your statistics.


I will check my settings, but how do you set them like this? Maybe I already did. Thanks!


You have to create requirements when you create your gig. Once created you can go back and add requirements. It is one of the last things you do when creating a gig.