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Buyer putting on hold the order, is that possible?

Hello. I just got my first order from BR. The buyer tells me that they need my email address because it is easier for them to send me some files I need in order to start the work. I told her that it is against TOS to provide an email address and everything should be done within the order page, but now she is telling me that they want to put this project on hold since there are some concerns about confidentiality. Is that possible to put on hold a project without facing cancellation? Does this mean that the buyer does not trust me for not giving her my email?

I’m not sure what to do now. I haven’t heard anything from her since she placed the order 2 days ago, and I really don’t want to cancel it but I guess I have to if I don’t find another solution for this :cry:

You will need to cancel. If you tell this to customer support and say the buyer is not cooperating you might have them help you with this.
Tell them the buyer wanted your email also.

You can’t put an order that has started on hold.

There are some huge red flags about this buyer and it won’t go well from here on out.


Though there’s no “on hold” for orders you or the buyer could request for the delivery time to be extended by a specific amount of days and then the other person could accept it.

You could also show the buyer the Fiverr TOS and the section about privacy.