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Buyer raising cancellation after work is done

What happens if a buyer is raising cancellation request again n again. As soon as I solved his problem, he terminated the connection and asking for cancellation giving reason that problem not solved. He did not allow to connect again. In fact every time giving different reasons when he is raising dispute to cancel the order.
He tried to hide his actual problem also before placing the order, so that order can be finalized in cheapest value. But actually problem was much bigger than he put in order requirements. Which required a great amount of time to work on it. I did not question him for this and spent around 5 to 6 continuous hours concentrating on problem rather than money involved in it.

Buyer has not asked any revision or re-work, only raising cancellation request.
Will the order be auto completed, after 3 days of last delivered?

Regarding this fraud buyer, I am already communicating with Customer Support, their only support is we both discuss and sort it out within us.
Please advise.


It should be, if the buyer doesn’t request another cancellation in the meantime.

Every time you deliver, also provide the buyer with the list of what was requested, and what you’ve done. Be detailed. Those lists can help you later with CS, if the buyer keeps acting that way, to prove that you did everything as requested.

Keep in mind, though, that the buyer might give you a negative feedback if he doesn’t succeed in his attempts to cancel. You only have 8 reviews so far, so a negative feedback at this point might be a problem.


No matter if you are communicating since 2 months.I have already faced this type exact same issue and communicated with customer support for a month but nothing found and i just got warning and funds were returned to buyer.You will find no help from customer support even you are doing everything right.I can see you have only 8 reviews and unquestionably you can’t afford a bad feedback.So the best way is to cancel the order and move forward. :wink:

Thank you very much for your advice and suggestions.
I have mutually cancelled that order.


Thank you very much for your advice and suggestions.
You said it right. I have mutually cancelled that order.


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Good luck :wink:
Again take more care and mention everything in your gig description to avoid any bad