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Buyer raising dispute again and again after GIG delivered


Buyer has recently bought one of my gig and paid me for a custom order as the client wants the open source code. So we agreed and gig was delivered.

Firstly, the client was not able to install the script on its server so I did and charged for it as it was out of scope work. The client paid for it and done.

Now, the client was uploading some data of its own to the script but failed to do so and getting some database tables errors so client contacted me and asked to do it. Now I again asked for out of scope work charges but client denied by saying that I said for support for 6 months so I need to do it. I told the client that support means if client faces any bug in script code or kind of errors but customization is included in the support.

Now client is raising the dispute again and again and forcing me to do this for free.

WHAT TO DO ?? PLEASE HELP…source codes already delivered…:frowning:


Firmly but politely tell the buyer that the requested work is outside the scope of your gig, and that’s the end of the matter.

If the buyer doesn’t accept that, contact customer service and tell them this buyer is playing unfairly.


Thanks, Sara. I tried it even offering to do it free of cost but client started blaming me that I am abusing her by saying that she might need someone with database skills to do this task or hire me. I was just advising the client to get some skilled person to do this as it might make script unresponsive. But she took other wise… :frowning:

I already contacted support but this refund cannot be accepted as the Source codes are delivered…

What do you say?


This happened to me once, customer service told me that there’s nothing they can do about it, and there’s no way they can force a customer to accept the work done, no matter if the seller delivered exactly as advertised. So unfair !


OMG… really … you mean I am going to loose my money and buyer will enjoy the script… even i installed it and its working fine. Client gave me 5 stars for that extra work…

Pls someone advice more


Just out of interest why was he getting database table errors. If you created a script to upload some data, shouldn’t it just work. If he was uploading the wrong data then the script should respond with an error message rather than load of table errors being thrown up


Fiverr has to revise their policy because it’s completely unfair to the sellers. I can relate to how you’re feeling. I hope that in someway Fiverr can stand up for Sellers, and your outcome can be positive


Database tables error is coming as the client is not putting the right values to upload the data to the right tables.

For example: database has 8 tables like name, age, fee, course etc… client is only putting name, and other details and leaving rest tables empty which is giving the error as there are other key tables required for the script…hope u get it

So what should I do now? Do whatever the buyer is saying?


shouldn’t the script check for empty fields?


It will check but Script also generate several data like login id for students for the app and similar data which are required to complete the export in the way. Otherwise client can also put the data from backend. but client has data in sql format and want to put it via database tables, do you think its support work or custom work…


i think offering any programming gigs on Fiverr is difficult because its so open ended.