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Buyer rated me 5 star review

Buyer rated me 5 star review and i did not get more order
send me more orders

Admin Note: Was in Tips for Buyers which is not a good fit for begging/demanding. Moved to more appropriate category.

I’m not going to give you more orders. You need to work hard to earn them yourself. Improve your gigs, market and promote elsewhere… take responsibility for your own success. Neither Fiverr, nor any of us here on the forums are going to do your own work for you. Work hard. Success is in YOUR hands, not ours.

I am work hard Thanks

Posting “buy my gigs” on the Fiverr forums does not count as hard work. Where else are you promoting your gigs? What are you doing to treat your gigs like a business?

Among ways to work harder, I suggest a course in business English. Make sure to choose a course that teaches capitalization and punctuation. If I wanted to buy your gigs today I would be nervous about it and would switch to a seller with more communication skills.

Have patience,Try to improve your language skills and working skills as well.


Solid advice lol :slight_smile:

Getting 5 Stars do not mean automatic sales, you need to do more to convince potential customers you have what it takes to deliver quality service and give then value for their hard earned money.

I have lots of 5 star reviews. I deserve MORE WORK. Give me work, please.

Thank you.

There are a lot of incredible workers on Fiverr. The challenge is getting the client perfect for your gig to click on to your site and have confidence to buy. This takes work. It takes focused gigs. It’s a frustration most of us on Fiverr deal with, and need to sort out the best strategy that works for us. Reviews are important, so don’t slip on your quality, but this does not mean that the potential clients looking at your gig are looking specifically for what you offer. Just my 2 cents. Best of luck. Grace.

Just create good gigs and wait for orders to come, that’s all you can do.

Try to do something original, you’re from Pakistan, some people might be searching for Arab/Indian/Pakistani designs. Some might be looking for oriental tattoo ideas. Creating some original gigs might help you stand from the pack. I’m not telling you to create 5 of them, just create one and see how you do. Good luck.

Entertaining lol

Yes! I also got 5 star review as a new seller. It’s really amazing

I too wish less work and more money!

ha ha