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Buyer Rating System

I’d like to see a rating system for buyers. I think it’s important that buyers be held accountable just like the sellers. It would be nice to see a buyer history before accepting the gig. Taking into consideration things like cancellations, communication, would do business with them again, etc.

If a buyer has a horrible reputation we should be able to decline the business based on score, or even set the minimum score a buyer must have to even submit a gig to a seller. The buyers I’m talking about are few and far between, but they take up the majority of my time, and to be honest I wish they would just move on and never come back. They’re high maintenance, don’t pay attention to gig descriptions, etc. But moreover, they have all the “power” and they know it.

I think something like this would create a level playing field for everyone and make buyers more likely to be on their best behavior.

I honestly enjoy 99% of my buyers, but it’s the 1% that makes me want to pull my hair out some times.

Preach. I really do want to see this happen, it’s requested over and over again so it’s not for lack of community support for the idea that it isn’t a thing. Sad, but it looks like Fiverr have ruled the idea out :frowning: I like to have hope though.