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Buyer Ratings - why isn't it public

Sellers have their rating shown to all. Which is good.

We rate the buyers, but nobody can find it. Why do we even bother? It seems to be a wasted effort as no matter what you put it has no impact.

I know this topic has been discussed before, and no changes.

With all this work on rating sellers. How about buyers. Buyer gets enough bad ratings and you don’t let them buy anymore, or limit order size so seller exposure is reduced.

And if a buyer cancels all the time, do they get punished like sellers. Buyer cancels and seller can lose status, yet buyer can do it over and over with no impact on them.

Remember both sides need to be treated fairly.


There must be a reason behind this and first thing to come to mind is that we have more sellers than buyers on the platform. If you would limit buyers capacity to buy then you would just slow sales down even more or discourage buyers to use the platform.
But it would definitely be more fair to see both sides of the coin. Sellers and buyers ratings, one below the other, so that we can see how he/she is rated as a buyer and as a seller. Because there are some buyers that are sellers and vice versa.
Ratings as a buyer :star::star::star::star::star:
Ratings as a seller :star::star::star::star::star:

…Maybe one day when there will be more buyers than sellers, yeah :slight_smile:

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Do you know for sure that this is not already happening?

How do you know?

I know of at least one seller who posted on the Forum that they got a warning for canceling. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wonder how buyers would feel about being rated and having the reviews show on their profile page. :thinking:


Never once seen a buyer complain about ratings or being impacted. Fiverr has never stated that it takes any action. So until there is evidence then we have to assume nothing is done.

Your last point says a seller got a warning, which is my point. Did you mis-type?


Maedan - But bad buyers are bad for the platform. Think of ebay, a lot of people no longer sell on there due to bad buyers.

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Can’t find it now, but there was a thread a while ago from a buyer who said they’d had a warning regarding the number of order cancellations they’d had. :sunny:


Offlinehelpers - well that is good news.

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That’s fair :slight_smile: Interesting to know. @orcatek I do know that bad buyers are bad for the platform. I was just thinking out loud to what could have caused this - that we can’t see the buyers feedback.

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What do you mean nobody can find it?
You can see the rating I left on my buyers + my review

Am I missing something?

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You can see the feedbacks left by sellers fro each of their buyers, but as a whole we can’t see what feedbacks been left for individual buyers by their sellers - hope that makes sense!

There isn’t anything on a buyer’s profile to enable their feedbacks to be seen all in the one place. :slightly_smiling_face:


You can hunt buyers down via google. And at least see how they have rated buyers. Slow but does work if you have lots of time.

Enter this in search xxxxx

Where xxxxx is the buyer.


Thank you for this topic!
that’s right the we need to know the rate of the buyer, it can give us an idea about him , many buyers are too cute and I like to working with them and when I gave them 5 stars , I really want all know about this great buyer , in the other hand the sellers dont have many protections like the seller , the seller can cancel when he want , even if you did the job like he want , but what if he said okay great efforts , I dont need it anymore or cancel to another reasons , so why only the buyer have a negative result for that :confused:
I remember I was Level 2 , and a buyer bought from me before one day of the verification of level than he cancel and he said " I am sorry , I order by mistake , I thought the birthday is tomorrow but it’s yesterday , sorry I need to cancel"
than I cancel and that’s logic and I have no problem on that , but the surprise after cancel I found the ORDER COMPLETION Down to 89% and I back to Level 1!
and I spent the whole month level 1 , sometimes it’s good to verify , not always the buyer is right .
this actions ll make a great results for both of us.

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All great, but if the buyer cancels, the order is never completed, so the buyer can’t leave a feedback for the seller, and the seller can’t leave a feedback for the buyer, which would defeat the purpose of buyer feedbacks being visible at all.


because not all the cancellation are right , so it’s good when the buyer and the seller give review , if in my case , I ll give him 5 stars and he is right to cancel , it’s just for more protections for sellers.
& no need to see the all reviews in the profile of buyer , it’s enough to see his mark , and the % of cancelation.

I agree! :slightly_smiling_face:

But orders cancelled before delivery never get to the stage of being reviewed by either party.

yes , you are right in this!

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Yes, I mistyped. It was a Buyer that got the warning.

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How do i report fake seller ratings?

How do you know they’re fake?