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Buyer Received the Order and now he wants to dispute

One of my buyer received the delivery. And now he is discussing me that I didn’t give him the exact order.

What to do on this situation?


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I would advise that that situation is an unfortunate event and that we are sorry for any inconvienience caused but as policy described in the sale before payment unless the item is faulty the the warranty for refund is as follows; please contact warranty from manufacture default, but if persistent on refund then offer with sincerity with say 10% -15% discount off next order * conditions apply

But that you cannot process a refund based on change of mind only Faulty Product and if this is one of your clauses In our point of sale transaction then there is nothing to be concerned about only that it needs to be explained to the Customer in question.

Congratulations, you have been awarded “Insane post of the day”. Good job!

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Well, the obvious thing to do would be check if there’s something wrong with what you delivered. Did you fulfill all their requests? Did you include revisions in your offer? If you did, the buyer has the right to ask you to edit what you delivered.

If you didn’t include revisions and you think you did everything right, you can suggest an Extra Service for a new revision and get paid for it.

Why do i feel like you just copy-pasted something from Google :joy:

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