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Buyer received work, used a lie to cancel - but I have proof

Here is my story:
Fiverr support closed the order on behalf of the buyer, but here are the facts:

  • Buyer asked me to modify his Adobe XD artboards
  • Buyer sent non-editable files and kept sending the wrong ones even after several reminders (I have proof)
  • Buyer agreed on me recreating the design in a new artboard
  • Buyer received work
  • Buyer asked for tweaks
  • Buyer received tweaked work
  • Buyer asked to put the finished work inside his artboards
  • Buyer could not explain how to open his unopenable artboards (I have proof)
  • Buyer asked support to receive his funds back. The order was cancelled. Buyer still could not explain how to open his files.

BTW, the package he sent was full of generated files without .xd extension, so I asked around my designer community and noone working for years with XD have seen that before.

He still received finished work and even asked for tweaks!

So that’s that basically. Support did not investigate this matter, just simply cancelled the order on behalf of the buyer.


did you open a ticket with customer support with all proofs and screenshots?
did it say cancelled by fiverr customer support or cancelled by buyer?


Support cancelled, without even a slightest investigation. They just received a message from the buyer, when I refused to mutually cancel and they approved the cancellation.

I opened a ticket and the response was that nothing can be done after the job is cancelled and that I should have contacted them sooner.

I provided all the proofs.


I asked support if they will investigate and send a warning to the person and they responded basically by saying… “Suuuuuure we will, don’t you worry” :smiley:

Thank you Fiverr by making me feel supported here :laughing:

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This is bad. I hope you will find a good buyer.