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Buyer Refund for Seller


So I’m a Fiverr seller and hence I do have an option to withdraw my funds , previously when there was balance in my account from the money I earned from Fiverr , I used to it purchase a gig but since I wasn’t satisfied , I cancelled the order and the funds were refunded to my balance , I was able to withdraw the funds from the refund aswell .

So let’s say that I buy another gig on Fiverr but this time I pay using PayPal and then if I cancel the order , the funds will be refunded to my balance , will I be able to withdraw it this time because I was able to withdraw it last time?


So, are you planning on just ordering a gig, and then cancelling straight away? Are you having a joke?

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No , I’m just asking if in case I need to cancel

Hmmm, well yes. You can withdrawal your Fiverr balance.

Nice advice, Thank you