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Buyer refund payment after complete order and deliver

hi i have done my project with Buyer he also approve my order and mark done now he will refund payment . with fivver customer support but i have give all files and data after work what can i do for my payment …

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Sad to know Shamas Bhai. I hope you get your money back.

Reach out to fiverr CS with all proof and if that was a chargeback they might be able to solve it for you


thanks for contributing!

fiverr CS …? plz explain thanks

This may not be solved. Because i had faced once like this problem. I think Fiverr community should become more carefully about the Developer condition.

yes i think bcz every think ok client approve and done project and also give me feed back then he refund payment this very hard for saller :frowning:

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CS = Customer Service. Contact them using the link available at the bottom of the page or use, attach screenshots of the order marked complete and anything else that may be relevant. CS are the only people who can help you.


Generally customer support does look at the total experience of the buyer and if their review they left you is accurate they might actually have deserved a refund. I don’t know the circumstances, just saying a cancellation and refund is not ALWAYS unjustified.

I’m sorry this happened to you. I know how disappointing this experience was for you. I wish you luck.

Me need your help because I am worry.I get One order and I complete this.But after accept delievery then, after some days he tell me and Maybe He Report fiverr support and After that Fiverr Disable my Withdraw after Withdraw disabled I contact fiverr team.He tell me in that order is problem.Then, I contact that customer.Now he tell me that refund me.What I do now? Because for that Order I spent Lot of money and time… Please any Suggestion tell me