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Buyer Refund Urgent


I would like a Refund on my cancelled Order, ive already lost some Money in the refund because of the Exchange rate how do I cash out my money and put it back in my card ? please this is urgent FIVERR hasn’t given me response or feedback or no Contact

Hi. As stated in their terms, Fiverr by default refunds in form of Fiverr balance and if someone wants the money back in their payment source instead of buying another gig, they have to tell them so.

As you are waiting for a response, I guess you already sent a ticket via the ticket system? If so, I fear you’ll just have to wait.
After sending your ticket, you should have gotten an automatic confirmation mail (check your spam folder if not) that tells you they received your ticket which, I think, tells you the current response time. Usually, it’s within 24 hours, but in phases with many tickets coming in, you might see “Currently … 24-48 hours …” or something in that automatic confirmation mail.

If you haven’t sent a ticket yet, you can submit a ticket here:


HI Miiila

I have many a times clicked the support ticket system since Tuesday and I haven received any feedback from Fiverr and am annoyed with no mails from Fiverr to acknowledge they got it,
So far ive lost Money due to Rate Of Exchange, I just need the money back ASAP

Well, it’s Thursday, so if you sent the ticket(s?) on Tuesday and the response time is 48 hours currently, that might still be within the response window and you might get a reply soon.

I always get the (immediate) automatic confirmation mail when I need to send a ticket, though.

If you are sure you didn’t get any confirmation mail(s), however, maybe there’s some bug and your ticket(s) didn’t get sent. In that case, you could try with a direct mail to

(Generally, it’s not a good idea to send several tickets for the same issue (can’t tell from what you said if you only sent one or several tickets), as that would create several cases and case numbers and things will get confusing, the system also might consider it as spam.)

Hope you’ll get it solved soon, either way.