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Buyer refunding rules

Hi there all friends peace on you.

I just have experience that i think are against to Fiverr rules but please help me.

I had a project and i completed work then i delivered.
The buyer ( even he got notification from Fiverr the delivery time is less then 12 hours as everyone knows ) did not took any action or buyer did not made any revisions and then order was automatically marked as read after 3 days.
Even buyer can talk about cancelation in 14 days when his payments being cleared he did not took any action.
He took all files.
Now after more then 3 weeks he just talked with Fiverr for refund and then Fiverr stopped my payments.

What should i do please?


If your buyer is no longer on Fiverr, then more than likely they did a PP chargeback and Fiverr banned them.

There is not much you can do once there is a chargeback.


Now Fiverr are not listing, Fiverr customer care are not replying. They did not gave me valid reason why they stopped my payment. They are just keep saying that i need to talk with client.
We have 2 rules

  1. In 3 days project time duration client can make revision. And client did not made revision then order was automatically marked as read…
  2. In 14 days buyer can talk with customer care for refunding while buyer payment being clear. He did not talk with Fiverr costumer care.
    Now after 3 weeks he just text me that he gonna talk with costumer care for refunding and he talked and fiverr stopped my payment without telling what happen. Then i asked to Fiverr and they just kept telling me i need to talk with buyer, Its mean i am nothing i am seller so i am nothing and buyer can do everything.
    Buyer got all files my all hard work i spend time at his project and i am nothing.
    What can i do please even Fiverr disabled that i can’t reply to costumer care.

Did you talk to the buyer? Usually when CS has told me to talk to the buyer it is because they have made a cancellation request which as a seller I can refuse to accept.

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all work are dont 3 weeks ago. He just simply talk with fiverr and fiverr just stopped my payment. Even Fiverr dont listening my clarifications.


Then there is not much you can do. In TOS it says a buyer cannot cancel for quality. They can only cancel if your delivery is not as described in your gig, so apparently that is why they let your buyer cancel.

Did you check to see if the buyer is still on the Fiverr platform?


Yes he is and he dont want changes he just want moneyback.


This is in one of your gigs:

If you offer ‘money-back’, you have to honor money back. This is probably your own fault.


Please understand what i am talking about,
Even buyer have my all work all files my 80% or 90% complete work! he can ask moneyback is it ok? And even i said if you need any changes then i will do but he just kept asking for moneyback.
If that is ok then every client will have work then ask for moneyback.

You promised.

If you don’t mean it, don’t offer it.


Do you have any settlements with my client or you dont want to understand what i am talking about!
Please i am already worry about my situation.

@imagination7413 is right - the way you’ve described your offerings in your gig, you are leaving yourself exposed to this sort of bad behavior from clients.

First you say that you delivered all the work to the buyer three weeks ago. Then you say that you delivered “80% - 90%” of the work…which is it?

Did you do that by “submitting” the order properly through the system, or did you just attach the files in the chat/message system here? If you did not “submit” the files, you do not really have any protection.

If you did “submit” the files properly and the job registered as “delivered” here on Fiverr, it was likely a chargeback - a client going to his credit card company and saying “this charge is fraud!” and having them take the money back from Fiverr, and in turn, you as well. It’s not fair, but there is nothing we as sellers can do in that situation, because there’s nothing that Fiverr can do either except ban the client from making any orders in the future.


That is according to client my work is 80% or 90%…
I dont delivered work in chat box. Order was completed.

Please try to understand we have 2 situations.

  1. I said 100% money back grantee when buyers completely not satisficed.
    That buyer was satisficed and he needed changes. As you know mostly changes from buyers never gonna end. In that case my client asked changes after 3 weeks and is it good if a buyer got work after 3 weeks he just wok up and asked moneyback?
  2. Here the situation is my client got all files and after that he just said i dont need this work i want my money.
    So what do you think i payback money?

There’s nothing you (or anyone on the forums) can do.

You made a mistake. It cost you. Accept this. Move on.

Take this as lesson. Be proactive. Fix what allowed it to happen, so that it won’t happen again. Get RID of both “money-back” AND “unlimited revisions”.

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Actually you dont have any experience and you dont understand what i am talking about even you dont have any level yet.
You will face many experiences. Thanks for increasing my tension.

I don’t have a level, because I refuse to work with people who try to scam me.


So please, Dont say that was my mistake.
Simple is for understanding is, i did work and then work was completed order was completed, then client said my work is ok just need some changes and i made changes and again he asked for changes and i did and again and again then i stuck in my laptop problem then again i did work and then after 3 weeks he said i want my money back because i dont need work now. So what do you think is that ok? is that for 100% money back grantee?
He just talk with Fiverr and now i cant withdraw my payments even now Fiverr are not listing me. So what is your answer about this?

Nobody on the forum can help you with this as we are just buyers and sellers like you.


It’s not right, no. But you made it ‘okay’. You bypassed the protections Fiverr does have in place.

I don’t make the rules. Fiverr does. :


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As @imagination7413 said - you offered a money-back guarantee, so now you have to honor it.

Your gig description is part of the contract you make with your buyer. It is your mistake that you put something in it that can be exploited.

Get rid of it as suggested and move on.