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Buyer refuse to accept the work


I’m so ennerved by a buyer who does not understand that my job is to promote not to sell and that I have no power over my subscribers to force them to buy his products.
He refuses to accept the work done and requests changes, I do not understand what changes it asks, as I did all. the work and the extra work that I offer him as a bonus, also I didn’t mentionne that I do changes.

What to do please?
Is it possible that I refuse the job and throw him his $ 5.


Please help :frowning:


You can use the resolution center to offer a refund or try to perform more revisions. It’s your choice. You can also ask Support for advice.


Thank you @fonthaunt :slightly_smiling_face:


I have same experience and for that my profile percentage was fall down . if you get any better solution please let us know.


I have no news, the buyer does not stop asking for revisions, I think he will never stop!


hi @mima12 please be polite to your clients … and do not think about order cancellation as this may effect your sale … take this as constructive…
thanks .