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Buyer refuse to supply requirement

If a buyer place an order and refuse to supply all requirement, and the order has started counting. Is it an offence to send the buyer a message a delivery to avoid the order being late?
And if the order later autocomplete without the buyer giving any details to complete the work.
What will happen, because i cannot see this in fiverr terms and condition.
Someone should advice

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I agree! Buyer should provide the complete requirement detail of order. Other you are right there will be confusions.

Never send a delivery which is not related to buyer requirement.

what i would suggest is that what ever requirement they have provided work according to it and submit that work and ask the buyer to click revision if you have missed something.

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Contact the CS team and cancel this order.

If you haven’t already, make any requirements you need mandatory to fill in in the requirements section. That should make it less likely to happen again (as the countdown shouldn’t start unless the buyer has filled in everything required). Also, send a message if you haven’t already, asking for the details required. Don’t send any empty delivery to stop it being late (that could get you in trouble). Like has been said, you might have to cancel the order if the buyer doesn’t respond with the order requirements (though it doesn’t have to be through CS).

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The worst feeling. Buyer placed order and not providing full details. Fiverr should do something against this type of issue

Hi resarchanalyze

I agree with everyone else,
If buyer can’t provide you with enough information to start the project, and you have remind buyer several times, then it’s better to cancel the order…

I have similar experience before…, and turnout it was a scam order with 1 star rating.

Remember, it’s easier to maintain 90% delivery order than 4.8 rating.

Best of luck :slight_smile:

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Did you contact the buyer asking for the requirements before it went late (even though the buyer should have put them in the requirements section)?

you can haggle about the rules, but just send a cancellation if not feeling comfortable. It’s not the end of the world.

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Yes. But Buyer is offline and not replying.

That is something you have to deal with when you specifically offer 1-day completion. If you’re having trouble getting information from your buyer, and then not having enough time to complete the order, raise your order completion time for all future orders so this doesn’t happen again.

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