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Buyer refused to cancel

I had this client a couple of months back who kept changing instructions with every revision request. Since they were small orders, I didn’t mind because the revisions were not free either. Then one day she made one huge order and I ended up spending close to two months on revisions. Yes, she was paying more for the revisions but I just got tired of going in circles on the same task. Finally, I decided it was best to request her to cancel the order. To my utter surprise and dismay, she declined my request to cancel. Apparently, she loved my work.

Is there anyone else who has ever had such a client? And how did you handle the challenge?


I have, but the main difference is that your client is paying for the revisions. :wink:

I know how annoying and frustrating it can be when a client keeps coming back to change something. I really wouldn’t cancel the order…perhaps suggest to the client to take some time to really evaluate what they want, and then come back to you with a final version, which would hopefully cut down on the back and forth.

You have to bear in mind that your client has spent a couple of months working with you and if you cancel, they have to start over with someone else. They are paying you for the revisions, which is a good thing; you wouldn’t believe how many times I have had to justify that with some of my clients! :slight_smile:


Well, I guess I like your point of view