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Buyer refuses to accept cancellation


Hey guys! And Happy 2019 :slight_smile:

So I’ve had quite a rough vacation. Had a personal emergency happening which threw me off physically pretty badly. I have one client who wanted me to start the order before I left on vacation. By start I mean to have it hang in there till I come back so that I wouldn’t need to spend time on sending an offer. I had an agreement that I am not starting before my vacation is over so I haven’t yet done anything.

I requested a cancellation because the order I have is going to take a month for me to complete and I just don’t have it in me right now because of the issue I mentioned above. I apologized and explained the situation, but my client refuses to accept the cancellation.

I’ve sent the request again making sure to have her understand that I am talking about my physical health. But she refused again and told me that I have to refund her for the order I did for her before. I completed one illustration as a trial order for her to see if she likes the result, and it was her request to do just one first. She did mention that she would need more in case if she likes it, but there was always a case of her not liking it.

I haven’t yet had this sort of dispute issues with buyers, so I am not sure how I should handle this if she keeps being unreasonable. Should I contact customer support and ask them to cancel it for me?


You could:

  1. Ask again (re-ask to cancel), explaining the issue again or
  2. Sub-contract it out to another seller/sellers or
  3. Ask if you can reduce the amount of work on the order - and maybe you could do the rest for a custom, lower priced order at a later date or more at a later date for a reduced price offer or
  4. Contact CS and ask them to cancel the order due to the reason’s you’ve specified or
  5. I suppose you could try to do it but if it’s going to affect your health it won’t be a good idea. Maybe you could create a simpler way of doing the work that would make it easier to do in the time?

If it was going to be <30 days you could ask for a time extension but I don’t think that would work here as it would go over the 30 day limit I think.

You could ask one more time, explaining the situation and if she doesn’t accept then ask CS to cancel explaining the issue.


Thank you!

Unfortunately, this work cannot be simplified. My client needs 5 illustrations created based on several photo examples. It’s a very time-consuming work, and there’s no way to make it easier/shorter.

The reason why I asked to cancel is because I’m still at a beginning of my recovery and I cannot tell for how long it will take. I cannot overdo it right now, and this order is a “killer” one and requires me to spend a lot of time in front of the computer which I cannot do right now.

She refused again and said that to her it’s irrelevant that she doubted my professionalism previously and does not give me reason for not refunding her for the completed order as well.

I have copied several lines from TOS including the one where she can contact CS and ask to get refunded for that order if they find it reasonable.

If she keeps refusing I will have to contact them I guess. She’s being very difficult :confused:


I agree contacting CS might be the answer. If you have a Fiverr success manager you could ask the success manager to help resolve the issue.


I think you should refund the one you did before since it was a trial to see if she wanted the next one. Contact customer support and ask them to refund them both. Then block her.


I don’t think you should offer her a refund for the last one. It was your work and you was paid fair and square. Trial doesn’t mean free. I do trials as well when new clients want big orders, because I don’t want troubles after 2 months of work, I’d rather detect it from the beginning.

But I never refund them.

Contact support and ask them to cancel the order for you because of your physical problems. End of story! Get well :slight_smile:


Customer Support canceled both orders eventually since she also contacted them asking for a refund. My manager told me Fiverr would compensate it but I still have funds in negative balance hanging there :confused:

I agree with you. There was always a chance for her not to proceed with more illustrations after the first one, but it doesn’t mean I spent time for free. I guess CS thinks differently about this matter.

I’m just wondering if it’s really so easy to get a refund here long after completed and rated orders. Seems very weird to me and not respectful towards sellers’ work.


If Fiverr offers to provide the compensation for the order, that actually means they have basically taken your side. They have refunded the buyer to appease them and avoid the hassle, whilst making sure you are paid fairly for the work you have performed. This has happened to me a couple of times. The balance will be added to your account shortly. It may appear in your shopping funds rather than withdrawal funds. If that is the case, your balance would still show negative. You simply need to message CS and ask for them to move the balance for you.

In this scenario, Fiverr’s got your back. I wish you a speedy recovery :slight_smile:


Yes, I just got refunded. They got my balance back to 0$ from a negative number :slight_smile:

I was really stressed out because I’ve never dealt with such unreasonable clients before. And I read a lot of “horror stories” on forum previously about how sellers don’t get refunded for cancelled orders.

I guess being honest and acting professional does help in these situations.


how do you get fiverr success manager?
can you provide more details about it?


It’s if you have Fiverr Pro gigs which requires that you apply for Fiverr Pro and be accepted for pro gigs in a particular subcategory or you’re a Top Rated Seller as Top Rated Sellers are also supposed to have them according to the levels help page (customer success program which the further details says has a success manager).


they mention the same for level 2 seller
so do they also get success manager?

do you need to contact fiverr support to get a success manager?


It only says “eligibility for customer success program” (AKA success manager). Maybe you could ask CS about it :slight_smile: However, I have only ever heard of TRS and Pro sellers having one :slight_smile:


In theory, yes according to the level help. I’ve never been level 2 so I don’t know for sure.

I’d wait till your level 2 and maybe they’ll mention it then. Or you could contact CS when you’re level 2.