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Buyer refuses to accept order

I have a buyer that is refusing to accept the order. I have done five revisions for him…at no charge…yet he keeps coming back with more changes…I sent him an offer to pay for a revision…at his request…and he will not do that either…I feel this order will never end…I feel he is trying to get me to cancel…every time I make a change to his order he asks for another one…small changes…he refuses to accept my changes that he asks for…what can I do?
This guy will not go away…

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Maybe politely tell him that, as stated on the gig page, you only offer X revisions, and for him, you’ve already done XY, and that it’s a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service to repeatedly request modifications in order to obtain more than he paid for?


You may have to let the chips fall. You can’t force him to mark the gig complete. You can cancel, which would cost you money, time, and possibly a tiny bump to cancellation rate.

Alternatively, you can send him a final professional message saying that you’ve delivered as best you can with X free revisions and that you will not do more unless they are purchased. The buyer will eventually buy revisions or review you according to their feelings. Either way, you can move on to other orders.


Dear Klevitt:

Given that you have a 5.0 star rating with over 2700 reviews, a zero review from this Buyer should have a negligible effect on your standing.

You might also want to open a ticket with Customer Support with screenshots and ask for their input.

Good luck,


It is a shame that people do that, I think the best option is the one Blaisefaint suggests.

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When a buyer asks for a revision, you have to ask yourself. Is it worth it to me? How long will it take it? Will he demand another revision?

Some sellers charge for revisions, they might send a custom offer or insist on closing that order so the buyer can buy again.

Others might request more time. But most importantly, you have to learn to recognize impossible people. Some are never happy no matter how many changes you make, some need to hire someone else.

Try to explain to them that the work you do is subjective, that is based on personal opinion, that you’re not getting paid for the quality of your work, but for the work itself.

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@klevitt70 This also happened to me several times.

How I handled it? When I saw they keep coming back with revision requests, I send the following or a similar message:

''Although you already reached the maximum number of revisions this gig offers, and I have done several for free as a bonus (considering buyer satisfaction my priority), I would like to assist you with one more which will cover all changes you need before completing this order. Please take the time to think about what you need and send me the instructions. If after this final revision you still do not find that my work has met your expectations, we can consider a mutual cancellation."

Usually, they understand the situation and use that final revision, but they might also want to cancel.

To be honest, in the past it was much easier for me to ask for a cancellation, which I found it was a mistake, as I got very few orders after that. I truly recommend emphasising on how your additional revisions were offered as a special over-delivery, not something your gig involves for free.

Hope the situation gets solved!


Once upon a time same thing happened
I remember i revise more than 5 times and he decline
Finally I text him
"I am sincerely apologize to you about delivery you decline
You are a loyal and supportive client I don’t want to lose you
To ensure that this crisis does not take place in the future again
Once again I apologize to you for all the troubles . I would appreciate your support on this matter.
But I think I need to Cancel the Order"
After my this text he accept the order with 5 stars and also left $10 as Tip


How much did he pay?
What kind of work was it?
What kind of changes and is there a message he sends with it?

If he is trying to get it for free I would fight him forever. Even if it’s just $5.
I would send it back with a tiny change or even just the same each time, for months.
I also would alert CS to the situation.
Try to dialog with him to see what he says about it.

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Kudos to you! You turned lemons into lemonade (sorry for adding an overused cliche, but it just seemed so fitting).

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What’s his reasoning behind refusing to accept whatever changes you made? I don’t know if he realizes but if he gets you to cancel, he doesn’t get to keep the right to the material you worked on.

I’d contact CS. Explain to them they he’s refusing to pay for a revision, but won’t accept the order. If you delivered as advertised I don’t see what the issue should be–he can’t force you to work for free and modifications requests cannot be made based on personal taste (see Fiverr’s policy on that one).

Give several options and allow them to make a choice, but be firm with them.


I will contact CS next time…:slight_smile: