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Buyer refusing cancellation

My buyer accidentally purchased a gig without consulting me first (despite the gig description saying that you must contact me first for a custom offer).

They are now refusing to cancel the order despite having ordered the gig for the wrong price and without giving me enough information on what they want.

What do I do?

EDIT: Luckily this was a genuine mistake and the buyer wasn’t trying to exploit me or my services. Me and the buyer have agreed that for the $5 price I will provide him with a sample of my work by illustrating one of his 30 images that he originally wanted me to illustrate from scratch in 24 hours.


Provide Whatever you can do in Buyer’s Ordered Budget, but Do Not Disappoint the Buyer.

Contact customer support and tell them the reason you need them to cancel it.


They want 30 pages of animation from scratch in 24 hours for $5 and unlimited revisions.

I’m not sure that’s humanely possible for me to pull off.

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I have. I don’t want this to affect my cancellation record though as this wasn’t my fault and I don’t want buyers to get the wrong impression when they see my gigs.

Well, if you cant provide it then you need to cancel it. So, contact the customer support and tell them why you want to cancel it. Sometimes buyer does those purposely so they can get extra work. Never, compromise your standard.

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Don’t worry about it. You have to do it and it probably won’t affect you.

I am probably overthinking it but the warning screen before you cancel worries me - as it says that if you cancel your gigs will be placed lower down the list of gigs and that it could affect my buyers.

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It doesn’t matter how many times you say “contact me first”.
Fiverr is a gig system. You are supposed to list what you will do for a set price so people can order.
So in terms of cancelling the gig, if you cant do it then cancel it.
As for it affecting you, I wouldn’t worry about it - the cancellation impact has been massively overstated by people on the forum. Just don’t cancel too often.

As for who’s fault it is, that’s debatable. You put up a gig that you could not deliver on. The buyer decided to order despite what your description says… Perhaps change the description to offer something for a set price and invite people to contact you for specific projects/anything else.

As far as I can see, the “Contact me first or I cancel” thing is likely to be against Fiverr rules but I am not 100% about that. I also dislike it from a buying point of view as it means pricing is unclear so the seller is likely to decide what price they charge based on what they think I will pay, rather than on the work - I hate that.


Never ever appreciate such buyers.

Cancel it.
In this type situation explain everything to buyer first and see how cooperative and understanding. If he is genuine buyer he will understand and either cancel by himself or if he need service he will ask for balance amount required.

But if he tries to exploit your service seems to be enjoying your situation just force cancel it. Do not worry about a single cancellation.
That buyer will give you lot of headache and a bad mood if you don’t.

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I don’t see why everyone is so terrified of cancelling. It won’t affect you at all probably.
Sometimes you have to do it.

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its best to cancel the order. 1 cancelled order is much better than the negative review.

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Well a gig system doesn’t supersede a contact me first option. Its all just a platform/vassal for your services. And sometimes these services require to be contacted first.

The gig description and requirements are there because to do a job there are things that the worker needs. If the buyer chooses not to provide the worker with the things they need to complete the job, Its on that buyer. That’s like me purchasing a plumbing service online, then bypassing all the areas that require me to write my address, contact, and describe my issue… then getting a refund a week later and wondering why my toilet isnt fixed… then blaming it on the fact that they had an online option.

It doesn’t matter how you buy the service… it’s always on you to give the service the information so. they. can. help. you. Last time I checked mind reader wasn’t in her gig XD

Tell me about it! A couple nights ago, I received 1200 words (6 pages) to voiceover for $5 (in 24 hours, including editing, after I come home from my 8 hr dayjob). Auuuuugggh!

Well actually, Fiverr is more than a platform/vassal, it is a whole system which is set up for gigs, not for contact me ads. It it the OP who has created a gig that goes against the whole grain of the site.

Your analogy is a bit misguided…
The “contact me” concept is a bit like someone saying I do a bit of plumbing for $5, contact me, click here to order - it’s just wrong, it doesn’t fit. It has to be either Contact Me or Click Here to Order.
On Fiverr, there is no setting to turn off the order button so that is what sellers have to work with.

From what the OP has said, the issue is not getting the info so. they. can. help. the. buyer, they just don’t want to for the price that has been paid.

Glad to see it worked out for you @balacafa

Wait so are you trying to say a gig can’t have any form of contact before the exchange of money? I don’t think that’s how a gig has to work but you are right about not being able to turn the order button off, as well as the awkwardness of a order button following a “contact me” request. However, it still doesn’t excuse the lack of information provided. The OP said “They are now refusing to cancel the order despite having ordered the gig for the wrong price and without giving me enough information on what they want.” Even if this wasn’t a contact me first gig, the seller clearly needs more information to do the job that the buyer refuses to give, and bypassed all the pricing guidelines for purchasing the gig, thus paying the wrong price. Is it the sellers fault the buyer didn’t read the packages? Is it the sellers fault the buyer refuses to give them the information to help. them.

It’s also worth noting I come from the school of online beat selling where a lot of us in this community could not afford intricate websites, and relied a lot on paypal to sell beats. The problem with that is, the buyer would pay us before receiving the product, and we relied on them to tell us which beat they were purchasing, what kind of lease, along with any add ons they may have aquired. Because we didn’t have a website set up to in bed that. All we had was a soundcloud and paypal link. (Good Times)

My point is that it’s not a crime to ask a buyer to be a little savyy. Just a little. Yes, the way Fiverr as a PLATFORM is set up, gives sellers less flexibility and can be awkward at times, but it’s 100% reasonable to expect someone purchasing a plumbing service to know that they plumber needs to see the toilet…

I was looking more at this point which shows the real issue I think.

Clearly info was provided and whether they gave completely detailed requirements or not, lack of information was not the real issue.

You think that the amount of pages and time frame is enough information to complete an animation gig to the buyers satisfaction?

I’ve been asked to do a “beat” and given a time frame. It was liked pulling teeth to ask for… a genre. A vision. Or just some kind of point of reference.

The real kicker here is that they said 30 pages. That makes it worse. That’s very a large job. There’s a lot that goes into that, that requires the buyer to tell their needs.

That’s clearly not what I said…

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Clearly info was provided and whether they gave completely detailed requirements or not, lack of information was not the real issue.

Oh really???