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Buyer Refusing To complete order

I have built a city for a buyer in a game, on the same order she couldn’t make up her mind between a hotel, aquarium, and city, first she chose aquarium and I was working on it for hours, and then she changes her mind and doesn’t want the aquarium anymore, and she wants a hotel instead…so I comply and respect her decision. I begin building her a hotel and then she goes “I actually want a city” I could not believe it, it felt like she was doing this on purpose. So I began building the city for her and she was up for the city, so I finished all the buildings except some small things before she leaves the game and says “you got my account banned”, I tell her I did not do anything like that nor does she have proof of such an act. Earlier when I was building the city 10minutes after I start this guy joins her server and she says “Get out of build for a few minutes this guy is going to autobuild a subway for me, should I trust him” and I say you can get permanently or temporarily banned for that, and even a warning. And she just allows him to do it and he completes the build in less than 10seconds, therefore he used cheats/exploits to do a work for a customer which is against the game rules, and after that I was building for her for at least 5hours and even called my buddy that makes custom cars to make a tesla, lambo, ups/postal car for her as she requested it and said she’d pay him in game currency. As we were working on it, she leaves the game and begins accusing me of scamming her and saying she was banned because I reported her. I explain to her I did not do such a thing and she shouldn’t accuse people without proof. And she said she has proof, so I asked and she said “fiverr will show you the proof” and as of now I am given no proof and no money for my work, everytime I try delivering she requests a modification saying “he has to finish” how can I get my money for my work with her counter attacking my deliveries.


Send each one over and then do it through revisions

She sounds like a kid and you can not reason with a kid.


I’m sorry you’re facing this, but you should have said ‘no’ the first time she wanted to change the build. Or at least charged for the change order.

Maybe try the resolution center, it’s a real bad situation I must say, once it will be done, block her immediatly.
In hoping that fiverr support can help you.