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Buyer refusing to pay for the service they want, but also won't cancel - 7 hours left to deliver

Not sure what to do in this scenario.

Buyer placed a generic $5 order, but is asking for something I offer for $15. I’ve explained to them that my pricing is explained clearly in my gig description, FAQ, and shown in my extras, etc. In fact, I already explained this to them on a prior order and gave them a 50% discount on the extra to apologise for the inconvenience of having to pay extra out of the blue for something they wrongly believed was included. In that last order, they paid for the extra and it was fine.

On their new order they’re now refusing to pay for the extra, but also won’t cancel - and now I have 7 hours left to deliver due to the back and forth. I’ve requested a cancellation which they have ignored, and I emailed CS about 8 hours ago, with no response.

I’ve never had a late delivery before, and so far my lowest rating is like 4 stars, so I really don’t want the automatic 1 star review for a late delivery.

What should I do??


Someone has brought up that in such cases sending them a message on Twitter may help to speed up their response time, that is until everyone starts abusing it.

I’d “agree” to do everything under the agreed price and ask for an extension for the buyer to try and get enough time to have Customer Support get back to you, and obviously block them as soon as the order is, hopefully cancelled. If the buyer wants to be shifty, well…then two can play the game.

It’s risky I’ll admit, but it’d be awfully satisfying to beat them at their own game.

Ps: If you chose to go this route I’d try to be as vague as possible when “agreeing” with their extortion, not to have CS sides with them because you said you would do it.


Unfortunately due to time zone differences, they would likely not see my extension request until the 7 hours have elapsed. I also wouldn’t feel comfortable lying to them about agreeing to do it, as I feel like it’s honestly more of a communication/language barrier and they don’t exactly understand why they need to pay more. For context - I’m a voice actress, and they’re tying to get me to record a script for a commercial. I’m having trouble explaining to them what commercial rights are and why they need them.

I’ll try messaging Fiverr on Twitter to see if that helps!


Okay, since you’ve said you explained it to them before I assumed they were trying to pull a fast one on you, but if they may have not seen your extension yet, then I’d wait.

I had my first late delivery about 2 months ago and it didn’t seem to affect my orders that much, or at all, I’d only be cautious about a possible automated 1 star review, but you’ll have to choose between having the order go late, cancelled by your client or bite the bullet and deliver the extra work and hope they’ll pay the extra afterwards or just let it go.

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If CS accepts the cancellation after the order time has run out, will I still get the 1 star review? From my understanding you can either get a cancellation OR a 1 star review, but not both?

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If you sent the cancellation request already then you should just stick to it if you are keen on cancelling the order
Most likely fiverr CS wouldn’t reply in time to cancel it.
However clients can automatically cancel orders with 1 star review only after 48 hours after the order deadline.
So if you sent a cancellation request already the order will be automatically cancelled with that request after 2 days, which is still will be before the client will be able to cancel it themselves.

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Thank you!! This seems to mean that I should be able to avoid the 1* review, and CS should have time to cancel my order for me before that time, right? Thank you so much, I feel much better now!

They might not :wink:

But if you sent a cancellation request through the resolution center then it will cancel the order in 2 days if no actions taken by buyer

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