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Buyer rejecting order

Hey guys I’ve got a weird situation!

I’ve had a customer who wanted to order from me, I stipulated I hadn’t done what they’ve asked for before, but they insisted on using me because of my high amount of 5 star reviews.

I’ve since delivered, early, done 2 revisions and now they’re saying they’re not happy at all and want to cancel the order - I feel totally scammed to be honest but not sure what I can do?

Oh and also, their initial reason for cancelling the order was that I wasn’t responding (they messaged me at 6am) and I responded by 0715am (I wake up at 7!h

I’ve had 150 orders now and never had a situation like this, so just after some advice


Contact CS, also don’t try to negotiate further with the buyer, he may use your words against you.

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I don’t know why they do this. There are some buyers if you deliver the work and able to satisfy them they will cancel the order. They are getting their job done without losing their fund.

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Which part do I contact? As it’s all to do with cancel the order?

You aren’t wrong about trying to use words against me - I said in 1 message that sometimes I work late, that’s why he spam messaged me as he assumed I was working late

Yeah this is true, this is the first time I’ve felt that there is no protection for sellers on Fiverr, but maybe I’m wrong - it’s the first time I’ve had this situation

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In this case you can contact the CS and discuss with them about all. But If buyer will message CS, then fiverr will cancel the order by stating unsatisfied. So, i will suggest, first check the buyer profile, if he/she has some buyer review then be sure he is not spammer and try to fix all that the buyer saying unsatisfied. Ask him what not satisfied and change according to him. and 2nd if the buyer has no review, then he/she may be a scammer or may be a first time buyer. Talk to them convenience him you can again fix. Still if he saying don’t want the work and will say to cancel do not you own cancel say the buyer you are forwarding the order details to Fiverr support, they will decide.

Hope it will help you.

Hi there…

It will a good experience for you.
Never to accept order you aren’t confident from new buyer.
Especially when you already said that you never done what they asked.

From what i read…, it’s better to cancel the project an move on,
Fiverr change their alogarithm again that many seller suffer from lack for order.
SO… having 5 star rate is the most important right now.

Better to lose a little than lose your potential future order.

Wish you luck,

I get what you guys are saying about cancel and move on - but how is this acceptable? How is Fiverr not protecting the sellers? I’ve done the work, which has been taken and now they want to cancel.

It’s crazy that Fiverr doesn’t protect sellers more!!!

I changed what they weren’t happy with! I even said I would jump into a voice chat and help them further! I just don’t understand how I could do more for them - they’ve got 2 reviews but from over 1 year ago.

I just can’t believe that seller protection isn’t a thing!