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Buyer rejects = Buyer wants more free

I’ve been on fiverr about 3 years, about a thousands gigs done, level 2, 100% on time, 100% positive reviews. I mostly do voice overs and fully produced radio spots (with music, sound effects, etc), narrations, etc.

I can remember when the concept of getting a “buyer has rejected… and is asking for a modification” to the product, didn’t exist. And yes, I can indeed imagine how it’s possible for a buyer to get a crappy product and want to reject it. But again, this didn’t used to exist, and I suppose the system relied on people leaving negative reviews for people who did bad work to weed out the substandard.

However, I’ve now had two instances recently where a buyer placed an order, which I completed, which they then rejected. Fiverr tells me I have to complete the modified gig promptly or wind up with the gig cancelled. Trouble is, the work I did was FINE. THEY changed their script. Most recent – guy sends a script, I produce it. Now, my gig lists a :30 second spot, but I will do up to :60 at no additional cost (lots of people use odd timed spots because they’re not on the radio, but used for introductions, videos, internet broadcasting, so time isn’t critical). His script comes out to 1:22. I record and send. His script contains a very long and awkward web address. Later that day I get a “buyer has rejected, please modify” notice. He has re-written the script to :30 seconds (there was no mention of length required in his order and his script was obviously much longer than that) AND he went and purchased a new domain that was easier to say/remember, and wanted the spot redone at :30, with the changes, and the new web site. Clearly to me, this was not a gig that needed to be redone because of MY error, but a completely new spot done with his extensive changes. I went ahead and did it, and he left a positive review. But I basically did the work twice because of his changes.

This seems to happen more and more. I get a script, produce, buyer obviously has downloaded and saved the work, then rejects, changes it, and asks for a redo, effectively getting two commercials for the price of one. Or even three. Or more.

Is this “reject” option something that came with being a level 2 seller? Or is this just a recent feature added to all gigs? Rejections based on the buyers own errors or changes should not be foisted upon the seller. I realize that policing this sort of thing would be nearly impossible and human intensive. In the case above, could I reject his rejection, tell him these are changes caused by him and not my errors, and tell him he has to buy another gig? I guess I’ve never really analyzed the options closely on fiverr in these things as it usually is more time consuming to diddle around with it on fiver than it is to just redo it and send it. But it seems more and more are rejecting based on THEIR desires, not my work or quality thereof. “Perfect ad, but I need this changed” is often the theme in these cases. If it was “perfect” you shouldn’t be able to reject it because of YOUR error or decision to change the copy.

Ah, just venting a bit. Been several of these the past couple weeks.

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It’s a new feature that comes with every gig now. :stuck_out_tongue:

To avoid this in the future, you should definitely have a clear revision policy. Many buyers don’t know or understand how much extra work it is to redo everything.

I also used to get lots of revision requests because of script changes at the last minute but ever since stating that redos will only happen if there’s a fault on my end, I’ve not gotten a single request to redo them. And even if the buyer asks you, you can always point them to your gig description and tell them politely that they will have to order another gig for you to redo it as it is a new script and should be treated as such.

I always did that in the “good old days”. But, now when they reject an order, I doubt that rejection and it’s required modification will go away just by sending the buyer a message saying it’s their fault and they should buy another gig! That’s what I don’t like about it. This system gives buyers a guaranteed second version of anything you do if they so desire and the fiverr system automatically requires you to do it… or else!

Even if you have a revision policy, that won’t prevent someone from rejecting it if they simply want another one for free, and going to the trouble to bring it up to customer service at fiverr when it happens is more trouble than it’s worth.

bachas85 said: Don't let them take advantage of you.


If anything, having the revision policy will at least stop those buyers who don't know any better. :)

Lately, I have been experiencing the exact same problem as the OP described. I am just now learning about this highly visible rejection button. Nice! Gee, thanks Fiverr!

Just serves as more evidence to me that Fiverr really does seem to set up sellers to fail, while bending over backwards for the buyers. Of course, they fail to recognize the fact that their business depends upon quality sellers and if you tick off enough sellers enough times, pretty soon you won’t have a very good quality marketplace.

I have a clearly stated modification policy on all of my gigs, and I strictly enforce them when necessary. I always deliver quality with passion and a sincere desire to go above and beyond and impress the buyer. I am a voiceover artist on Fiverr, and at these ridiculously discounted rates, any buyer who think he/she is going to get double the work from me when I did nothing wrong is out of their mind! Oh, when I get what I deem to be a completely unfair and unwarranted modification request (rejection)…I very calmly and politely point them to my modification policy and tell them that I will not do the extra work without a new order being placed. I still have a 100% positive rating as a level to seller on Fiverr. So, thus far, my strategy is standing my ground and being fair to myself has worked just fine. All you need to do is stand firm and don’t let buyers push you around. Part of the problem is that so many sellers on Fiverr let buyers push them around when they don’t have to. As far as Fiverr’s policy and that whole “you must do this modification…or else!”…well, to that I say the following:

No, no, no Fiverr…I will tell YOU exactly what I will and WILL NOT do at a payment of just $3.92 per gig! If Fiverr ever decides they don’t like my (fair and reasonable) approach to rejections, I will simply leave with a smile on my face and go give some other company a percentage. My overall point here is, don’t let buyers push you around and don’t let Fiverr’s policies push you around either!

Level TWO seller I meant. Damn autocorrect. Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

You pushed my #%*! button. Some buyers want Fifty dollars of work for $5 and unlimited modifications. It’s abused constantly.

I don’t care what instructions you provide in your gig description, it doesn’t matter. When the product is delivered, they see that big shiny modification button and forget anything that was read or said in your description. And even if you remind them of your modification policy, Fiverr rules favor the buyer. Your rules or instructions doesn’t matter if Fiverr gives the buyer free will to use the modification button at their discretion (I realize what Fiverr’s TOS says about modification but it doesn’t matter what it says if it isn’t enforced).


  1. Tell them you can’t make the change without charging them. You can also expect a negative review.

  2. Request a mutual cancellation – your time was wasted but if your gut says you’ll never satisfy this buyer, cancellation may save you time in the long run.

  3. You make the changes and extra work for free hoping to never see this buyer again.

    There is a definite imbalance of what type of gig this happens to. I would think writer gigs get more than their share of mod requests compared to other gigs. I do whiteboard and get my share. Gigs that are prone to subjective views are going to get more mod requests than gigs that are more objective.

    That is why many gigs ask to be contacted before ordering the gig. Many times prior to ordering a gig, I find out that the buyer wants something I don’t have the capability of doing and let them know I’m not the right gig for them. In some cases, even if I have the capability of doing, they let out of the bag they want unlimited modifications or demand some other unreasonable request. For example I will get buyers who want unlimited drafts of the project before ordering.

    The worse buyer usually is the $5 buyer. They pay for the basic $5 gig but when you deliver they ask for $50 worth of changes. I have in my gig instructions to contact me before ordering and it is usually the $5 buyer who ignores these instructions, places the order and after you deliver they want unlimited modifications with a complete redo before they are satisfied. Obviously when that happens I cancel but the time wasted and the time invested to get them to understand what mutual cancellation is, makes you want to shove their Five dollar gig up their #%*! Actually the word “buyer” is not appropriate for these types – they are scam artists…pure and simple.

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