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Buyer Rejects Offer and also Rejects Cancellation

Buyer placed an order (without contacting me prior to order). The order they placed was lower than what the actual project would cost. I kindly messaged them (with an offer) and explained that the order they placed will cost just $10 more (to cover the entire project). I waited a while and offer was rejected. I messaged them again explaining the pricing for my gigs, no reply and response from them. I decided to create a mutual cancellation, rejected by the buyer. What should I do now? Thoughts?

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Sounds like this buyer is intent on ruining your order completion rate. Are they a competitor?

You can try one more time with the cancellation request - saying that buyer has rejected the extra $10 to complete the project as specified in your gig parameters. If they reject it again, you can go to CS, explain what has happened. That you reached out multiple times only to be turned down. They may go ahead and cancel it for you - and it may or may not hurt your cancellation stats.

When I had this happen, I did everything within my power to avoid the cancellation. When I noticed my buyer did not respond to anything I had sent over, I reached out to CS and they cancelled for me with no impact to my stats.

Or, if it’s not too much trouble, you can do it without the extra $10 this time, informing them on delivery that this was a one-time courtesy but that they must read gig descriptions fully to ensure this issue doesn’t happen again. After that, you should be able to block them from ordering again. Don’t forget to leave a review (if they do review your work) about the instance.

My gut feeling says they’ll have you do the work and then cancel the order saying it wasn’t up to snuff.

Those are pretty much your choices.


Great information! Thanks for the help :slight_smile: Yes I will probably contact CS then. They placed an order for $5 when it needed to be $15 (total).