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Buyer Reported Me After 5 Star Review

**Hey. Recently, i met a client and he gave me 3 jobs one after other. We built a professional relationship and i found the buyer really friendly and helpful. I successfully completed all of the jobs with 5 star ratings and reviews. However on the last job i decided that this will be my last job with him as he started demanding extra and asked me to lower my prices for the services i was offering and even after using all revisions in the offer he made me overwork.

Anyways, the day after this 3rd job was completed he messaged me that the files were missing and he wanted me to send it again. So, i did. I sent him the files again and told him strictly that i have done enough favors now and the order is already completed with 5 star ratings. If there was an issue why did you accept the final delivery. He started threatening me and i had to block him. This is where the things turn around.

He started making multiple fake Fiverr accounts and started spamming me and threatening me that if i don’t send him the files he will harm me or something. I blocked one account after another. He also sent me a screenshot of the report he made against me to Customer Support that if i send him the files he’ll withdraw the complaint. I didn’t respond to any of his threats. After a few hours i received an email from Customer Support saying that you have to deliver the buyer the missing files or the order will be cancelled. I sent them the screenshots of the conversation and everything to defend myself. I could clearly see that they are favouring the buyer. Until, I made a report against him and all his spam messages and fake accounts to threaten me.

The same report that was made against me turned into a report in my favor. All the spam/fake Fiverr accounts of the buyer were taken down. And the Customer Support just requested me to send the link of the files and send it to them so they can forward it themselves to the buyer and i don’t need to contact the buyer myself. They even told me that if this buyer tries to contact me from any other account i am free to block and report him. This was just something like a nightmare where i could see that i might lose my Fiverr profile but luckily i had all the proofs and i did the right things to turn everything back in my favor.**

During this process of the incident, there is something i have noticed. I have stopped receiving messages from buyers and of course orders. It’s been one week and i haven’t received a message in my inbox. All my best selling gigs have disappeared from the searches and my impressions and clicks have gone down drastically. I am not sure if this incident has something to do with this. I would like to know your suggestions and opinions on this. Thanks.


Please break into some small paragraphs, so we can read and track the lines easily.

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It’s probably coincidental. There are a LOT of unusual things going on right now that are throwing several sellers into conniptions and panic.

Have you read this thread yet? Current state of things, Frank's POV


Thanks for sharing this!

My only suggestion would be to try and be more professional in your conduct.

If you had valid reasons to stop working with a client, your timing and the words you chose to use would hurt anyone, much more someone who is clearly going into great lengths to show you how they now feel.

If CS is now reviewing your orders/communication there’s a chance you will be reprimanded if you failed to treat your client with respect at any stage of the process.

So this will end up biting you in the behind regardless of whether the client was wrong in the first place.

P.S. I do think that there’s a good chance a scathing private review hurts a seller’s profile faster than anything else on the platform. In this case the buyer is actually reporting the OP to customer support. So while we can’t be 100% sure it’s a coincidence, it’s definitely not helping.


Never mention about ratings during conversation with buyer. It might turn against you. The system might think you are demanding 5 stars.

You could have blocked the buyer immediately after 3rd order was reviewed by him.