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Buyer reported my message..i can't text him right new in fiverr..will my account terminated?

will cause other problems?


Given the amount of information you provided and vagueness of the entire topic, my answer can not be anything except:


he asked me to sent samples…i sent my google drive link containing that file…i shortened
that link using a link shortner …he said that link was not good

Not allowed since this is how people send viruses and trojans and either way shortened links are against TOS

Why Google drive? How big are samples that can not pass as normal?


Lots of gig descriptions use shortened links (including a Pro seller’s gigs). It doesn’t mention shortened links in the TOS page. It does in this page: Community Standards & Forum Rules - 2020 but that is about the forum only.

edit: Though technically shortened links aren’t in the list of allowed URLs (eg. google shortened link).


i used google drive because it have storage and easy to sent with it…sample are were not that big …total 35 mb…25 sec video…

You could send that normally without any link, just drag and drop directly in Fiverr messages.

Anyway, you got first TOS because of that, it will stay with you so I suggest read TOS couple of times so you do not get second one.


does that mean my account will not be band?

thank you for your valuable comment…

He hasn’t said he received any warning yet.

If CS thinks you’ve done something wrong you might get a warning. Usually you are allowed 2 of the same type of warning or 3 different ones before your account would be banned (unless it was something really serious).

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I had issue with this and the TOS goes:
Gigs may include pre-approved website URLs contained within the Gig description and requirements box. Gigs containing websites promoting content, which violates Fiverr’s Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards, will be removed.

And then
What URLs can I use in my profile or Gig description?

The following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description:

So shortening is not allowed but not explicitly forbidden in TOS.

The original concept of the topic was leading that he got a warning, but it looks like he was only banned by buyer. But still, if the buyer reported him, not just block him…

Though the Op wasn’t using that shortened link for a gig description and the TOS and that help page only talks about gig description or on the profile, not what links can be shared in messages.

Also if shortened links are disallowed (eg. Google shortened links) why are there many gigs, including from Pro ones that Fiverr does nothing about?

Oh… if we going to go in the forest of “Why Fiverr does nothing about?” we will never come out.

We just have to walk on the edge and hope that the branches of that forest do not interfere with our service or account.


If he has reported you as spam, and you go to your profile and there isn’t a warning there, then you are fine also you cant use shortened links because they are against the terms of service. also if you are the seller and you didn’t do anything wrong, then you are fine and i think he might of stole the samples you sent, always make sure to put a watermark on your work!

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thanks brother… :slightly_smiling_face:

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