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Buyer reported profile. What will the consequences be?

Long story short. I had a deadline today morning. I ended up sending the wrong document (They were named Fiverr and Fiverr.edited). I informed the buyer about the same immediately and he came at me with “you submitted the wrong document because of the deadline. You did not finish work on time,” and all that. I responded right away stating that that was not the case. But he was especially rude and kept reiterating that I was late even when I stated that I’ll immediately send the document and I just wanted to know if I can take a minute to run it through grammarly. He responded with “you missed your deadline.” I told him that if he did miss the deadline because of these two minutes of delay, we can cancel the order so he gets to keep his $20. And I will send whatever I have worked on without pay. He immediately cancelled it and was still rude, so I was piqued and did not send the file (the order was cancelled and he got his money back) A few hours later he texted stating he will report me to fiverr. Will this come with serious consequences? Thank you in advance!


There might be consequences if Fiverr does think you delivered a wrong file on purpose or something like that (eg. they might think it’s not the complete delivery/empty/partial delivery). If you hadn’t run the other through grammarly and had meant to that might seem you delivered something before you were ready to (even if it was the wrong file).

In future make the buyer’s username part of the file names so you are much less likely to deliver the wrong files. Have them in folders on your machine with the buyer’s username as part of the folder name. If you send the wrong one in future immediately (or within a minute) send the right one right (using the re-deliver option) after sending a message that it was incorrect, as long as the work is done and complete (checked).



Someone (other than you) was working on it? OR is it “I” missed the deadline instead of “he”?

You may receive a warning. It will be better for you if you could explain your perspective with proofs to the CS.

AND: You can always send a request for a deadline extension to your buyer with a justified reason if you think you won’t be able to deliver in the time remaining. Communication is the key!!

Good Luck!!


No, I meant the buyer’s deadline! He began to throw a fit. So I told him that if my work was no longer of use to him because I was late by two minutes, we can cancel the order. My reason for cancellation was because he communicated that I was too late with the delivery (I texted him immediately that I sent the wrong file and asked him if I can re-attach the other). However, I told him that if he does want the file I’ll send it after cancellation. He immediately cancelled. So I figured that he did not really miss a deadline or something, he was just trying to get work for free because I was two minutes late. His main basis for reporting me was that I did not send him the file after cancellation, like I said I would.

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His main basis for reporting me is that I did not send the file immediately after cancelling the order, like I said I would!

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you can get a warning it’s very bad for any seller account,

You initiated the request for cancellation? and the reason was

Actually, It’s “you” who missed the deadline (to be honest). Delivery timers are programmed to run in reverse order. They don’t understand emotions too. You should have communicated with your buyer (human).

It means your buyer was online and was eagerly waiting for the delivery. It was probably a thrilling experience for your buyer as he was closely watching the timer (the red timer) and was probably thinking that whether you will be able to deliver it in the remaining time.

And then you surprised your buyer with

My opinion: You should have communicated with your buyer (even if you are at the last minutes)

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So, you don’t value your own work? How & What will you earn if you start working for free?
Most important: A buyer has no rights to use your work after an order is cancelled.
Funds returned, case closed!! (as simple)

You will need to deal with the CS now, prepare your notes with proofs and let them know your perspective.

The rest is up to them to decide.

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Exactly what I was wondering! Does he get to report my profile for NOT sending the document after cancellation? I initiated a cancellation request because as I said after submitting the wrong document I immediately offered to send another one (I know submitting the wrong file was my fault, though), but he kept implying that I was too late (It was after 12 am in their country and he said he needed the order the next day when he placed the order. I took it to mean 24 hours, but I think he wanted it sooner). While submitting the wrong file was my error, I did not take his money. So I’m slightly confused as to what would be the basis of reporting me?

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There should be no confusion if you read ToS.

Quoting from the ToS

  • The Deliver Work button may not be abused by Sellers to circumvent Order guidelines described in these Terms of Service. Using the “Deliver Work” button when an Order was not fulfilled may result in a cancellation of that Order after review, affect the Seller’s rating and result in a warning to Seller.

  • Sellers are required to meet the delivery time they specified when creating their Gigs. Failing to do so will allow the Buyer to cancel the Order when an Order is marked as late and may harm the Seller’s status.

  • Sellers must send completed files and/or proof of work using the Deliver Completed Work button (located on the Order page) to mark the Order as Delivered.

Read more here…


Ah, thanks! That makes sense. The intention on my end was never to submit the wrong file haha. I literally texted him a minute later asking if I can resubmit the file. As he did not immediately respond, I took a couple of minutes to run the file through grammarly! But because he began the response with an accusatory tone, I offered to send a cancellation request in case he no longer required the document. He kept repeating that I was late, so I sent him a cancellation request and informed him that if he wants I will send the document after making changes in the grammatical errors. The order was mutually cancelled. He informed me he would report me about twelve hours later, because I did not submit the file after cancellation.

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