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Buyer reports bestseller gigs!

Well, I’ve been getting these messages lately, from a buyer my username is **********(all of these accounts have been made in May and are from **********)
one username is **********, one was **********, and I’ve been working with some colleagues who also work on Fiverr, specialize in Ecommerce they’ve also gotten these messages, so basically a guy messages them about a gig, their gig shuts down, the same thing happened with me guy just messaged me, my WordPress gig goes out I had an ongoing order with the gig, had to cancel the order, my colleagues have gotten their gigs taken down, seriously I don’t know if this gradually happens, but this is very bad and toxic this should be fixed, I’ve gotten some sales with my Ecwid gig, this supposedly ‘‘Fake’’ buyer has sent a message again, and I’m sure that my Ecwid gig is going to be taken down, I’ve reached out to the community, tweeted to fiverr, and reported every spam message, please try to understand it takes time for your gig to get some views, clicks and then order, getting banned because a fake buyer who signed up in may reports you and your bestseller gig just ‘‘whoosh’’ dissapears into the dark, this is a very serious problem you should know, if we don’t reply to these messages our response rate goes down, if we do, the fake buyer will start reporting our gigs, this is a very toxic thing to do! I guess that the person behind this might be some seller who isn’t getting orders now and has started ruining other seller’s accounts so that he can profit from it, as recently more and more ecwid developers have started to show up on Fiverr, please take a careful look into this topic, as this relates with Wordpress as well, we get orders in which we get to integrate, create and modify ecwid stores which also has WordPress work which can make this very profitable for us sellers, but now someone has started reporting gigs!

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Buyer reports bestseller gigs!

Is it one person or different accounts sends you these messages?

multiple accounts!, I am guessing that he might be a seller on fiverr!

Oh that’s really sad. Fiverr must take action against them and gigs shouldn’t have any impact without any verification.

Yes, I’ve tried contacting them, As i’m not the only seller who is getting affected by this!

Wish you good luck :slight_smile:

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Fiverr doesn’t take down gigs just because someone told them to. They take down gigs that violate the ToS. Do you really think a seller could convince Fiverr to take down a competitor’s gig for no reason, just to sabotage them? What a bizarre conspiracy theory. Sure a seller could make something up about you. But all Fiverr has to do is to look you up to see if you’re doing it or not.

I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to this story, @maryam_haider.


Well, my experience is always good and if something bad happens to me, I feel that I have been doing something that shouldn’t be done. But I have found so many people complaining that their gigs were down just because someone reported them. But I’m connected to Support and get positive response everytime. You’re right everyone should make a connection to Support and know the reason themselves.

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Just because a lot of people said they’re getting falsely taken down that doesn’t make it true. It shouldn’t stretch belief that maybe those sellers’ gigs were taken down because they violated the ToS and now they’re lying about it to get back at Fiverr.

Fiverr doesn’t take down a gig just because a vengeful seller asked them to. Sorry, that’s absurd.

Working on figuring out how this has happened, and by violating ToS what do you mean?

Definitely if you check some Videos on youtube, you’ll see, The Funny Guys (after they came in a video with pewdiepie, for some racist content) the creators didn’t know, and their account got suspended, they kept contacting fiverr but all they received was a no!

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Well you said the gig was taken down. What needs to happen before a gig can be taken down? A breach of ToS.

Fiverr doesn’t remove gigs unless you break the ToS. So there’s more to the story. You’re suggesting Fiverr only removed the gig because a seller reported you for something false, but that’s not how it works. No company takes a seller down just because a competitor told them to… They would check to see what the claim was about, not just take the seller’s word for it and close the gig. No business runs that way.

So Fiverr obviously checked your gig and found a violation.

Actually if you read it carefully, it was a buyer!

Whatever, it doesn’t make a difference at all to my point, which you haven’t even addressed.

Fiverr doesn’t take down gigs just because someone wrote them a message. They take down gigs that violate the ToS, which they would verify by checking the gig.

It looks like you’re mad about that and want to make Fiverr look bad.

really? so you think this is all my propaganda about making fiverr look bad, hmm I’m guessing that you think of me as an Agent from upwork, tf is this?

“hmm I’m guessing that you think of me as an Agent from upwork, tf is this?”

You have a problem with logic, Jon.

I’m sharing with you how law and policy work. That isn’t a conspiracy theory. It’s fact. That doesn’t mean I think you’re an agent from Upwork. You’re the one who makes the weird conspiracy theories, not me.

If you’re trying to remove the impression that you’re not telling the whole story, you’re doing it wrong. You aren’t bringing any rational evidence forth. You’re just sharing conspiracy theories that contradict how business and law work. What would Fiverr have to gain by deleting a gig just because a buyer told them to?

Okay, I agree, but I think you went a bit too far, now I feel like you’re personally attacking me!

conspiracy theories, so now I can’t share my bad experiences, cool cool, I mean I def lied right, I lied, Do you think that the thousands of gigs that are denied each day are all checked by fiverrs team? definitely no! that would be just too much, I’m not saying they did it on purpose! and you think I, I’ve shared the whole picture, must be some seller, (who might be using a buyer account, and all of the accounts were all made in may, from pakistan, shared some similarities with my account, username, description and I’m now clearly pointing it out, i’m not saying it’s fiverrs fault, If they could investigate a bit, it would be really nice!)

“I’m guessing that you think of me as an Agent from upwork, tf is this?”

Yet you think I’m “attacking” you. K.

If you don’t want hostility, don’t make up ridiculous conspiracy theories about why I said what I said. Understand? I said what I said because it’s how law and business work.

No, Fiverr doesn’t remove existing accounts just because someone told them to.

you still consider this as a conspiracy theory, be so

i’ll have to contact fiverr themselves about this issue! thanks for invaluable advice!

I agree, Fiverr wont be that unreasonable. They will need to find evidence about volating TOS for them to get down your gig.
All story have two sides @jonasaden
or just contact Fiverr and ask why