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Buyer requesr bug

I am facing some problems. The buyer requests a bug problem.The buyer request page has a big bug was very bad. How I solve it.

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It would be helpful if you gave a bit more information. What problem are you facing?


i have a many buyer request but when i open my buyer request page there are no buyer request at this time but number are showing on that page i have a buyer request.

You’re right - it’s a bug. It’s been there for well over a year or more.

Unfortunately, Fiverr hasn’t seen this as a priority.

As a no level seller, buyer requests are limited, so a great deal of the time there are very low numbers of them, if any …


so now this time what can i do?plz tell me more.

These articles may help you .


it looks like this.

You have already been answered.

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thank you so much for help, :innocent: