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Buyer Request 1200+

Can anyone tell me What to Write in a Bayer Request, I filed a 1200+ Buyer request, and got a 6 order? I need some good buyer request text That will get me more orders.

and Please Someone help me with about my gig images are good or not. Link


It is your responsibility to connect to the needs of the buyers to whom you respond in the Buyer Request section. YOU need to understand what they are asking for, and provide the best response – and offer – that sets you apart from all of the other offers each buyer is also receiving. There is not single text that can achieve what you are asking for. Just make sure you personalize your response, and target it to the needs to each buyer’s request.


There is no best text to get you orders. As @jonbaas said you need to tailor your text to each client and their needs.

If you’ll try to send another 1200 offers with same text you definitely will find yourself in the same situation with no orders.

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