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Buyer request affecting response rate and time?

Hi there

I have been using Fiverr for a couple months as a seller for my copywriting gigs and was maintaining great response rates, response times and ratings.

I then had some graphic design work that I needed to be completed so I contacted a few sellers directly as well as posting a Buyers Request (just to reiterate, this was legitimately for graphic design work that I needed to be completed, I was not misusing the Buyers Request function to promote my own services).

As I was happy with one of the sellers that I had contacted directly, I deleted the buyers request without responding to anyone who had put in a bid for the work.

I have now found that my response rate has plummeted from 100% to 50% and response time from 1 hr to 1 day! Every day they seem to drop lower and lower. I have no messages in my inbox that were not responded to within a few hours and no unread messages.

The only thing I can think that has happened is it has recorded all the responses from the buyer’s request as unanswered messages, even though the request was deleted. I can’t go back in to respond to these messages as it is no longer there.

Any suggestions of what I can do?

Thanks in advance!



As I think you have to contact customer service support regarding this issue. they can help you.

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The seller don’t allow to post buyer requests.its against Fiverr TOC please first of all avoid this thing.

Read the post again. OP is a seller and buyer.

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But the buyer request I posted was a legitimate request for some graphic design work I needed for one of my businesses - it was completely separate not at all promoting the (writing) services I offer as a seller. Surely sellers can also purchase gigs on Fiverr?

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Nah, it is allowed. They just didn’t understand your post thoroughly.

Yeah, I’ve read stories of how some sellers response rates have plummeted to something crazy like between a day to almost a week. I never trusted that only the first response count thing.

I’m lucky in the aspect as a buyer, I always let the seller have the last word. I don’t care how my response rate looks — it won’t affect me as much.

I recommend you do as others have said and contact customer support. Let them know exactly what you said here. It could very well be a nasty bug. Regardless of what it is, they should be able to reset your response rate.

Thanks. I have contacted customer service. I was hoping someone might have a quick tip here to fix the problem! Thanks for your responses.

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