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Buyer Request after 2 months!



Suddenly I see an order appearing in my queue which Buyer Request sent in January. I really don’t have time to take that project as I am already occupied with 2 orders in my queue. I have questioned Buyer as why without communication all of sudden direct order placed that too almost after 2 months. By seeing this message Buyer has extended the date of delivery and it appears to be like below -

This is first time with me and I don’t want to work with such a close challenge and loose my reputation. Currently order time is clicking (remain with another 8 hours) My question is - If I ignore this above request what will happen (it says request will be auto withdrawn), will this entire order be withdrawn or the date extension will be withdrawn?
Or else, If I click on DECLINE what will happen?

Please help me to understand.


Any reply advice please…


If you ignore the request (to extend the delivery) after 4 days the extension request will be withdrawn, if you decline the deadline will not be extended.
A nice thing to remind for all those that say “send 10 buyer requests daily”.


Please, for your own account’s sake, please do not message others via their Fiverr inbox, asking for advice/guidance. You do realize that it can get your account a ToS warning or a suspension/ban, right? I am sure you wouldn’t want to see yourself banned from Fiverr after putting in all the hard work and effort in achieving level 1 seller status.

Also, I think @pacquo has already answered your question. :slight_smile:

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


A big NO, I never follow this …
However thanks for your advice. I will note it.


It’s very unfortunate that we can’t set expiry dates for offers we send to BR like for normal custom offers. It’s one of the reasons I hardly ever use BR.

Maybe like and bump my Site Suggestions thread on this issue, in the hope that this will enter or move up higher on Fiverr’s To-Do list? :slight_smile: :arrow_right: Expiry Date for Offers sent to Buyer Requests